Little Man’s Dream Pet

What would your dream pet be? A beautiful blue French Bulldog? A cute ball of fluffy kitten? Perhaps something more unusual, a pygmy hippopotamus or a big cat? We have our lovely guinea pigs here, though when asked about dream pets, it’s nice to think about other animals we could have. I’ve always loved penguins, so perhaps a sweet little Humboldt or Gentoo.

Now you’ll notice that these pets are all real animals, but when asking my Little Man about his dream pet, it was brilliant to see his imagination take flight as he sat down to create his very own dream pet.

You may be wondering what adorable creature he would come up with. Well, my son loves monkeys so it didn’t surprise me that he chose to draw a monkey. However, he did go one step further than that and make his monkey a zombie. Yes, that’s right, my four year old’s dream pet is a zombie monkey. He does have a leaning towards the macabre, so I admit I wasn’t particularly surprised! It really didn’t take him long to come up with it either, as this was his very first attempt at drawing him, so he was obviously very clear to him in his mind.

So dream pet lovingly created, we sent off the design and waited patiently to see whether such a pet could ever exist. And yes, it can, meet Zombie Monkey…

Little Man loves him so much! He is exactly as he designed and imagined him to be, the perfect pet for him.

Of course, now that he has his dream pet, the real responsibility begins. He needs to ensure he has plenty of food and I’m not entirely sure what zombie monkeys eat. He’ll then need a bed, proper training and Petplan’s Pet insurance . We’ll then be all set for a long and happy life with Zombie Monkey.

What would your dream pet be?

Disclosure: This post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own

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