Little Man’s First Haircut

Now I may be a tad biased here, but I believe my son to be a very cute toddler! With his cheeky smile, big blue eyes and mop of blond hair, he knows just how to wrap me round his little finger, and does so on a daily basis.

I absolutely adore his hair. It’s so fair, and has sweet little curls in it. But as he’s grown, the curls have been getting weighed down and the hair has been becoming increasingly wayward after nap-times, so I knew it was time. People were telling me it was time. It seemed inevitable. It was time for the first haircut.

This has been avoided so far, as not only have I not wanted to mess with it, Little Man has shown a very clear dislike of going to a hairdressers. So the Husband has been keeping it in check, trimming his fringe at bath-times and cutting a little off the back here and there. But the Husband’s no stylist and the hair clearly needed more help than he could offer.

I booked both children in, as I hoped seeing Boo have hers done would help him, and I got her to talk excitedly about ‘haircut day’ in the run up to the appointment. It appeared to work, as Little Man happily set off for his haircut when the time came, only having a slight wobble when it came time to actually sit in the chair, but he did do it.

Little Man's haircut

He looked so subdued and sad in there, part of me wanted to just whisk him back out!

But apart from a moment when the hairdresser left the room to get some different scissors and Little Man thought he was finished so got out of his chair and really did not want to go back in, it was all OK! She just gave it a neatening up trim, so he has kept a few little waves and curls at the back. I don’t kid myself that they’ll stick around, as Boo had them when she was a toddler and her hair is now dead straight like mine, but I will enjoy them while they last.

And at the end, lollipops were supplied, so I think all was forgiven and forgotten! I do hope this means he’ll go along a little more happily, a little more confidently next time. One more ‘first’ out of the way and under his little belt.

Do your children like getting their hair cut?

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28 thoughts on “Little Man’s First Haircut”

  1. oh bless him and he is definitely a cutie! I still cut h’s hair at the moment and he’s pretty good at it. Think we’re approaching the time where a hairdresser will need to do it and not sure how he will react! Xx

  2. Aw, well done Little Man and love the photo of him sitting in the chair. My mother-in-law has a mobile hairdresser come to her every four weeks and I tend to get the girls’ hair cut whenever their fringes start getting long (about every other visit) so they are both fairly used to have regularly haircuts. Keeping them still can be a challenge although if they are objecting, allowing them to play a game on my phone (which they don’t get to do very often) usually does the trick!

  3. Ah I wish I xoujd say that mine like it actually midge loves having hers done but a really hates the whole idea so it’s done at home! He looks grown up x

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      I’m not sure Little Man’s converted to it yet, so the next one might be at home! I know, he’s looking a lot more grown up lately x

  4. I’m really lucky that a friend cuts and colours mine at home so Monkey knows her and is used to watching me having mine done so he’s never really had a problem with having his hair cut. He’s talking about going to the Barbers with Daddy P, which I’m less keen on!

  5. My two don’t mind getting their hair cut. Z goes to a barbers whilst Miss C gets her done when my hairdresser comes to the house. Looks like Little Man did a great job with his first trip for a trim.

  6. I agree with you he is really cute!

    My 4yr old didn’t used to like it that much, he was very cautious but now he asks periodically and he and daddy go together to the barbers, its really sweet x

  7. Little Man has had 4 hair cuts now and it gets easier each time but at first he hated it. LP has only had one hair cut but she loved it! x

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      Yes, I’m thinking it must get easier now. Boo wasn’t keen initially, but was brilliant this time x

  8. Bles him, look at that face! That must have been a big moment for you-those beautiful curls. They do look more grown up once they’ve had their hair cut don’t they?

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      Yes, and I was so proud of him, as he acted quite grown up in there, too. I think it’s made the back a bit curlier anyway 🙂 x

  9. Oh I can just imagine how you felt, wanting to whisk him away! Sad when they have to grow up isn’t it 🙁 His hair is gorgeous. Glad it went ok in the end. My children have always loved having their haircut. All of them. I’m very luck, I know x

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      I did, but he was fine in the end, and they kept his hair quite long, too. Oh, that is good, I’m hoping now this one’s out of the way, that’ll be the case here! x

  10. Oh bless him, what a big boy! It sounds like he did super well at his first hairdressers experience! Both my girls have long curly hair and I won’t get it cut, even though deep down I know it’s time. I just know the curl’s won’t grow back! x

  11. What a super cute post. How lovely that Boo helped. My little man was a nightmare for his first hair cut, but he was very young (his hair grows really fast) and now is a pro. It needs doing so often as I like it long and it grows quickly so doesn’t take long before it’s back in his eyes. You do have a gorgeous toddler #ordinarymoments

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