Little Man’s First Love

I have been replaced. Already, at Little Man’s tender age of 15 months, his mummy is no longer his favourite person in the world. I mean, sure, if he’s hurt or needs something, he’ll still toddle to me first, but that’s just convenience, isn’t it?

There is a new person in his life. Someone that makes his eyes light up, that has him gabbling away ten to the dozen, and as soon as he speaks, Little Man giggles with pure joy.

Who is this usurper, I hear you cry? Who could be better than Mummy?

Makka Pakka. Yep, that saggy-bottomed, bizarre-looking lump of beige. Better than me, though, it seems. To be beaten to my own son’s affections by this squidgy creature is a little galling, but I suppose it must come to us all.


I’m not a big fan of In The Night Garden. The Husband loathes it. Boo was never too bothered with it, though she’ll watch it. But Little Man? Oh my word, he loves it!

He’d never actually seen it, as it’s on after we go up for his bath and bedtime, but Boo had a book of it that he’s inherited and recently ‘discovered’. From the first read, he was particularly drawn to Makka Pakka, for whatever reason, and since then there’s no doubting that he’s his favourite. At every page, it’s him that he looks for and points at and garbles away unintelligibly. So I found the programme ‘on demand’, and he’s now sampled the delights of hearing Makka Pakka, too, and watching him wave and dance – his devotion has been cemented.

The Ninky Nonk also has him smiling with glee, the Tombliboos amuse, but there’s just something extra special about Makka Pakka it seems, though I confess to being unable to see his appeal. If pushed, I’d have to choose the Pontipines myself, though I’m going to struggle to give you a clearly defined reason as to their attraction!

I’ve accepted my demotion with as much good grace as I can muster. I’ve looked at it through his shining eyes, and I’m embracing this first from him. This is his first real ‘thing’ that he’s shown an interest in. Yes, he loves lots of toys and books, but I’ve not seen him light up like this before whenever he spots a character, so I’ll take it as another sign of him growing up, developing his own (somewhat dubious) tastes and I’ll enjoy every one of those cheeky smiles that the beige-one elicits from him.

What about you? Are you still top of the tree, or does your little one crave another?

Update June 10th 2014: So yep, he still loves him! He has discovered Peppa, Thomas and pirates since then that he’s quite a fan of, but he still adores Makka Pakka, and cuddles him closely each night.

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52 thoughts on “Little Man’s First Love”

  1. Oh bless him, TV characters will come and go, but Mummy is there forever 😉 I’ve been well & truly knocked off the top spot by Mr. Tumble, much to my dismay!! #MagicMoments …

  2. Aww I love Makka Pakka and his stones! My youngest loves his 1:1 support worker and says everyday (in front of her) that he doesn’t love me, he loves her. I’m not fussed, I know when push comes to shove he wants me.

    Lovely photo

  3. Ah, bless him. What is it with Night garden though, I never see the attraction? But I think it is sweet when they see something and recognise it and start to develop their own likes and dislikes.
    My kids are constantly changing their minds about what they like, so there’s not really been anything I can say they specifically love.

  4. What a wonderful post Jocelyn. It’s incredible how you’re suddenly not their person. POD is a real Daddy’s girl, always goes to him. She also loves Peppa! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  5. This made me chuckle because I love Makka Pakka but when my son was your son’s age he was absolutely terrified of him. Every time his horn went off he would burst into tears. He still gets a little nervous about him now. Funny how they get their little likes and dislikes isn’t it.

    1. It’s just nonsense, isn’t it?! Thought we’d got away with it as Boo wasn’t bothered, but no, Little Man loves it!!

  6. I got usurped ages ago by the Pink Power Ranger so I feel your pain. Was never a fan of Night Garden either and don’t even get me started on Iggle Piggle!!! Glad your wee one is loving it so much though #magicmoments #whatsthestory

  7. Ah, how sweet! And obviously not sweet but totally objectionable at the same time! 😉 Will some Makka Pakka related gifts be waiting for Little Man come Christmas day?! Tibbons and I watched ITNG for only the second time the other day. Perhaps I should abandon it before any similar devotion emerges 😉

    1. Abandon!!! Boo was never bothered, though, so you may be safe. Yes, I spent a fair bit of time last week tracking down a Makka Pakka of just the right size and some ITNG figures, so hoping he’ll be a happy boy Christmas Day 🙂

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  10. How quickly we’re usurped from our lofty positions! Having said that, I’ve always been second to Daddy 🙂 Is he not taken by the turtles, or is it just ‘his’ turtle he loves?! 🙂 #thethemegame

    1. No, it’s just his turtle that he loves. He’s not really into TV (it requires too much staying still!) but he does get drawn by Makka Pakka

  11. Lol, love this, what is it with Makka Pakka? Monkey liked him for a while though Postman Pat has always been his real love! Peppa Pig is quite the rival for his attentions at the moment though! 🙂 xx #thethemegame

    1. I’ve no idea, but he laughs at him every time he comes on the screen! Postman Pat’s never really transfixed either of mine, but yes, Peppa’s popular! Xx

  12. So cute. Have you taken him to In the Night Garden Live yet? We haven’t been but an old school friend of mine directs it – sounds like it might be right up Little Man’s street! Arthur still hasn’t shown much interest in the TV, but I reckon if I’m going to be replaced by anyone it’s probably his beloved ukulele 🙂 x

    1. No, I’m not sure he’d stay still as he can’t watch a whole ITNG episode without wandering off! Yes, it’ll be that ukulele! X

    1. Oh yes, of course 😉 Little Man loves him but he still doesn’t actually sit still for an entire episode! One day…!

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