My Little Tikes Bargains

My Little Man is obsessed with those Little Tikes Cosy Coupe cars, as I suspect many small ones are. Whenever he sees one at a soft play or out on a trip, he makes a a beeline straight for it! But I could never quite bring myself to buy one, as they’re a little pricey, and he does often play in them when he’s out anyway.

But, I happened to pop on to eBay a couple of weeks ago, which I rarely do so it must have been fate, and I spotted one there with no bids on it, ending in 2 minutes time. I gave it a whirl, and yes, I got it – for just a fiver!

The Husband went to collect it that week, and the very next day, a work colleague of his was giving away a Little Tikes slide, so he brought that home, too. The kids are happy!

playing outside 1

playing outside

in his car

playing outside 2

It’s a shame the weather’s got wetter and cooler, but they’ve still managed to get out there and play. To be honest, Little Man is very proprietorial over his car, so there can be rows over that one, but I know that once she starts school, these two bargains will allow me to get lots of gardening done, whilst Little Man plays to his heart’s content!

I do love a bargain!

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20 thoughts on “My Little Tikes Bargains”

  1. Wow that is the eBay dream and it’s never happened to me. I bought new versions of those things (we’ve got the bigger slide though) with as many discounts and vouchers as possible and yes, they are well worth the money as they have been used a huge amount over the last couple of years! #countrykids

    1. It’s a one-off for me – I need never use it again as I can’t be that lucky twice! They definitely get their use, don’t they?!

  2. Oh I do love a bargain. Yes, I remember Little Man enjoying our Little Tikes car and my son darting outside to ensure no one else got a go the second there was interest! You’re all set now 🙂

  3. Well done on your bargains 🙂 hopefully they will get lots of use still this year as I’ve heard a rumour *shhh* summer is supposed to be coming back next week!

  4. Wow! Bargain! We got the cosy coupe in the Black Wednesday sale before Christmas (not as good a bargain as you got) and it was an indoor toy for a while. My girls love it! Worth every penny.

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