LOGO: The Best of TV and Movies Board Game – Review & Giveaway

I love board games. I have for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, my family and I always had games nights, with board games or playing cards, and I have very fond memories of them. This has seen me continuing to enjoy them, so much so, that I tend to ask for a new one most Christmases – yep, that’s how much I love board games! The Husband and I play them with my brother and his wife, as fortunately, they enjoy them, too. We have so many old favourites all stored at my mum’s house for when we all descend for lunch and game-playing, and I have a cupboard full here, too. A recent favourite has been The LOGO game, so I knew when I saw that they had a new one out in that family of games, called The Best of TV and Movies board game, that I needed it in my life!

BOTV&M montage HR “The Best of TV & Movies” is the new “entertainment” edition of the LOGO family.

It’s a race around the board with unique tweaks like the “Mute” card (silencing a member of another team) and the “Change Channels” card (that lets you “pass” on a card you don’t like). You’ll be answering humorous and interesting questions on movies and TV shows, proving just how much you know.

For 2 – 6 players or teams. Ages 12 – Adult.

CONTENTS: 400 Question Cards, 6 Playing Pieces, 3 Bonus Cards, Playing Board, Instructions

(RRP £29.99)

If I start by saying that we loved it so much that we played it three times in a row (no, I didn’t even win once, though the Husband did twice!), you’ll get the idea that this is fun?! The range of TV and movies covered is extensive – we had questions on Dr Who (tricky, as none of us watch it, but we still got there!), Bambi, Indiana Jones, The Godfather, DIY makeover shows… Here, this gives you a feel for the variety…

The Best of TV & Moves game cards

And this is just a very small selection of the cards – there are plenty to keep us guessing! It’s simple enough to play. We played individually, though there is also a team game, which I’m thinking we’ll try next time to make it a little different. It’s aimed at people aged 12 and over, though I will say Boo was lurking while we played and answered a few of the Disney questions! I really like this game, and am already looking forward to playing it again next time we all meet up. Maybe I’ll even win…

Drumond Park have a huge range of fabulous games, and when I looked through them all, I noticed that we have lots of them! I love Articulate, that’s a personal favourite of mine, and they have lots of games for younger children, too – do look out for further reviews and give-aways on some of those in the coming months.

But for now, it’s give-away time! I have one copy of LOGO: The Best of TV and Movies board game to give away to one lucky reader. To be in with a chance of winning it, just use the rafflecopter below, ends March 31st 2014, and good luck…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was sent a game to review, free of charge, but all words and opinions remain my own. 

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151 thoughts on “LOGO: The Best of TV and Movies Board Game – Review & Giveaway”

  1. Favourite has got to be Snakes and Ladders, as all ages can play, but we do like Scrabble for a bit of mental stimulation!

  2. The familys fav is junior scrabble/scrabble. Some of the words people try to convince you actually exist but dont is amazing.

  3. we love the LOGO games (have the original and the His and Hers one). But the top fave in this house is Market Day – it’s a game I played as a kid and after finding it in a charity shop my boys now enjoy.

  4. Lorraine Tinsley

    Logo game, we picked it up at a car boot for £1, we took it to play on a wet weekend in a caravan and it was fab 🙂

  5. Pandemic I think. It’s a perfect collaborative game for friends and family and not one you end up fighting over!

  6. I love Cluedo, loved it as a kid, and still love it now. This game looks right up my street, love the telly and was always a fan of Noel Edmonds and Telly Addicts!


  7. I love the Logo boardgames, we have the original and billionaire versions. I must say they took us a while to learn to play but once we had that sorted we were hooked! x

    1. Yes, I love that, too. I like Scrabble but the Husband has an annoying habit of always beating me at it, so I like other games, too!

  8. Tri – tactics which I played as a teenager in the 70’s and still play today.
    I don’t suppose many people have heard of it.

  9. I love board games, particularly Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble and Monopoly. I used to have a great one called Go For Broke, where you had to lose all your money! Trivial Pursuit is probably my favourite because I love quizzes.

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