Logo Grab Review & Give-Away

You know how much we love our games here. Well, we’ve received a new one to have fun with and review, LOGO Grab from Drumond Park, and I’ve one copy to give away, too..

image001LOGO Grab

LOGO GRAB is a riveting and fast-paced game where everyone plays at once. A turbo-charged game of Roll, Spot and Grab!
Lay out a 3×3 grid of LOGO cards – then roll four ‘letter dice’. Everyone tries to match a dice letter with a LOGO card and GRAB THAT DICE.
Now comes the brilliant new TWIST!
If the dice is silent – you keep the LOGO card. BUT if the dice RINGS – you LOSE A CARD!
Only two of the eight dice have bells inside – but it’s shocking how often they seem to pop up!
The first player to collect two sets of three cards WINS!

RRP £14.99

Having enjoyed several other LOGO games, I was keen to play this one. It also looked quite unique, and unlike any other games we have.

Logo Grab

It comes with a bag full of dice letters and the LOGO grab cards. The set up and game play is very easy to prepare and understand, so we soon had a game underway…

Logo Grab set up

There’s a 3×3 grid, and the idea is to collect cards to make up coloured sets and win. The dice letters are rolled, and you need to match a letter with a card. For example, with the set up above, if a ‘B’ came out, you’d grab that letter for the Butterkist card. It took me several goes to remember to grab the dice and not the card as that was my natural inclination! A couple of the dice have a bell in them, so if you pick one of those up, you actually lose a card. And the frustration when you keep on getting that ringing dice, well, it’s funny to see as long as it’s not you!

It’s fast-paced, easy to grasp, and takes seconds to get going. There are plenty of cards to keep it feeling fresh after several plays, too, not that it ever matters, as every game will always be different.

I like how simple this game is, and though it’s recommended from 8 years and up, this is something that Boo can join in and play, at just 5. It’s helping her with her letter recognition, and she loves to feel that she’s playing a more grown up game than she usually does.

The game doesn’t take that long to play and takes just moments to prepare, so it’s one of those you can quickly ‘grab’ (see what I did there?!) and play and have a giggle with. It’s good fun.

Now as promised, I have got one copy of LOGO Grab available for my readers, so one of you lucky folk may well win it! To be in with a chance, simply answer the question using the rafflecopter below. Open to UK entrants only, and the giveaway closes 31st October 2014. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What do you think? What do you like about LOGO Grab?

Disclosure: I received a copy of LOGO Grab FOC for the purposes of this review, though all words and opinions remain my own. 

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150 thoughts on “Logo Grab Review & Give-Away”

  1. It looks fun and all my four could play! It is not too big either so easy to pop in your case when going on holiday!

  2. I love games that are quick to set up and get started, there is nothing that loses the kids interest more than a game that takes ages to set up and explain the rules.

  3. love all the dice in this one! We have the other LOGO game and love it so i reckon this one would be a big hit too.

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  5. The pace of it. It looks fully loaded and like it would get everyone going. It’s looks the type of game that people’s personality comes out.

  6. Linda F McGarrigle

    I like that it appeals to all my family, we love games it’s even better if we can have everyone join in x

  7. Looks like it’s an easy game to understand, quick to set up and play, and most importantly one to get lots of laughs going around the table

  8. It looks like it appeals to all age ranges on different levels – different age ranges will recognise different logos, meaning a family can all have fun together.

  9. It looks like a fun game for kids as well as adults. All too many games tend to lean one way or another so this seems great.

  10. My daughter has just started reception and is loving learning to read, so i like that it’s a family game where she can play and practice her reading as well.

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