LOGO What Am I? Review & Give-Away

We’ve been having fun with Drumond Park‘s LOGO What Am I? game here…

LOGO What Am I imageLOGO: What Am I? is the child-friendly version of the hit board game LOGO, with well-proven party favourites like “describing”, “guessing” and “drawing”.

The board spaces tell you which challenge to try and the best bit is that anyone can win from anywhere on the board right up to the very end.

For 2 or more players. Ages 8+. RRP Β£24.99

There’s actually quite a few different elements to this game, which makes it unlike other games I’ve played before. The thing that stood out to me as being most different is that there are two winners (my brother and I weren’t sure of that one – we’re too competitive with each other!). The game itself plays out with different activities depending upon the spot you’ve landed on. So you may have to draw to get people guessing or describe brands and products. All question cardsΒ are designed to lead up to getting others to answer the question ‘What Am I?’ As there are the three different types of cards, the game is full of variety, whilst still being uncomplicated and straightforward to play.

As everyΒ round is against the clock, it’s fast-paced, and even with 8 of us playing this, it only took us around 20 minutes to play. I like games like that, that you can easily pick up and dip into, knowing that you haven’t just kissed goodbye to your entire afternoon! It’s current, and all brands and products are likely to be familiar to every household.

LOGO What Am I play

We are fans of the original LOGO game here, so I was really looking forward to giving this one a go, too. As it’s from ages 8 and up, this one’s marketed as more of the kids version of LOGO. Now having played it with adults, as well as my Boo at 5, I’d say it’s one for everyone to enjoy. In fact, when I asked them all after playing it the other day (including from my aunt, mum, brother and his wife, cousin, husband and daughter – I think we covered aged 5 through to mid-sixties there!) the consensus is that it’s a really fun family game for all ages. It spans and encompasses generations!

I now have once copy of LOGO What Am I? to give away, too. To enter, use the rafflecopter below. Give away ends at 12am 2nd August 2015, open to UK entrants only. Good luck!

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What do you like about LOGO What Am I?

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195 thoughts on “LOGO What Am I? Review & Give-Away”

  1. Kaci Soderstrom

    It’s something most people will recognise at least something from, so it’s easy to pick up no matter who you are.

  2. Anthony Harrington

    It appeals to me as we love board games, we haven’t played this and we think we would be pretty good with the brand names and logos

  3. My twin boys and I love to play board games. I like the fact that it appeals to all ages and is timed

  4. I think my son would really enjoy a fast pace game like this, he gets bored easy with normal board games.

  5. Elizabeth Hinds

    It looks really fun and I think it would keep the kids interested and engaged right until the end πŸ™‚

  6. Haven’t played this yet but looks great for all the family, we are always looking for new games that we can play

  7. Ellen Sheppard

    I think Logo What Am I is great for any age group or even a mixture of ages, great for the family πŸ™‚

  8. I like that it’s a simple, universal concept that can be understood and thus played by all to enjoy.

  9. It sounds like a game we can all play. Too often there are games I can play with my son and not my daughter as their ages differ by 7 years but this one sounds like fun for us all πŸ™‚

  10. I havent played it before but i love the fact that its a fast paced game that will keep the children entertained whilst not taking hours to finish.

  11. Holly edmundson

    I like how it’s all timed so it doesn’t drag on, like monopoly for example that game will go on for hours sometimes xxx

  12. Christine Wilkinson

    I know my four grand-children will love this excellent board game, as Drumond Park Board Games are the best in the world, and they seem to last for the longest time, they are so well made, and well thought out!

  13. I like that its aimed at children, My nine year old is Autistic and loves Logo’s, we bought the adult game but that’s much too hard for the younger generation.

  14. This looks like a great family game that would create laughter, banter mini disagreements and loads of fun, We as a family love playing games togehter and this one looks ecellent

  15. This game looks great! There are great points about this game, it’s fast-paced and based around a timer, it’s able to be played by all ages and contains brands, logos and names that everyone will know!

  16. I like that it’s timed. As much as I love playing things like Monopoly with the kids, it can take hours. This would be great just before bedtime with it not being too long.

  17. I love board games the fact that people have to interact face to face and work in a team and think its brings the focus back to communication. that’s what I like!

  18. Logo do brilliant family games so hoping this is like the others. Being the shopper in the family, I usually win too!

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