Looking Back on Open University A326….

As you may have spotted on the blog on Friday, I am delighted to say that I have passed another of my Open University modules, this year’s Open University A326 Empire 1492-1975.

A326 Empire materials

It was a module that, if I’m honest, I didn’t love. I think coming after A200 last year, which I thoroughly enjoyed, it just didn’t manage to live up to that for me.

It grabbed me more from about the halfway point, as I struggled to really get into it for the first three blocks. I talked a little more about it here, if you want to take a closer look at my journey with this one.

Open University A326

The module itself consisted of set books, DVDs and a CD and then there is a lot of extra reading, all on-line.

I don’t really enjoy reading online, so that was a little off-putting, though I see the benefits of gaining access to the sources this way and improving familiarity of the online resources and library available.

There are six assignments and then a 3000 word EMA to complete the module.  

Block four was my favourite by far and I enjoyed elements of block five. Block six is more of a recap on the module, inviting you to consider and reflect on themes and areas, pulling it all together prior to the EMA.

I did better on the assignments than the EMA overall, though I know others who were the other way around, as will always be the case.

I did like the flexibility around your own time that an EMA gives, rather then being beholden to an exam date and schedule, and fortunately next year’s options both end with EMAs. Which is handy as we’re off to Disney World at about the time exams would probably fall. It will be a post module and EMA treat!

A326 was actually my last pure history module of my degree. As I go into my final year, I will be studying AA100: The Arts Past and Present and A332: Why is Religion Controversial? Both fall within the history remit, though as I’m on the Open Degree pathway, I can choose absolutely anything.

So yes, I could opt for a module in Astrophysics, but it seems a tad risky to go for something random that I have no knowledge of at this stage of my degree! AA100 is a level 1 course covering a broad range of arts and humanities subjects so I am really looking forward to that.

I have studied religion at level 2 and also at GCSE and ‘A’ level (yes, I loved Religious Studies at school!) so I am keen to get back into it, and of course it connects well with history.

It feels funny to think that I am going into my final year now. That I have all of those other modules and credits behind me, ready for me to ‘just’ do well next year and then all being well I can graduate.

I think it will be a full on year with studying two modules, but I am looking forward to it and the end is in sight.

I will soon start lurking the postman for my study materials as I like to make an early start to allow for any unforeseen issues that could put me off schedule further down the line.

In the meantime, I have a huge TBR pile to enjoy getting through so I’ll crack on with that, safe in the knowledge that I have my pass, all is well, uni can be put out of my mind for a few weeks…

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  1. Well done to you! I am studying for a BA in History via distance through a NZ university – last course/module/paper this semester! It has taken me 28 years to finish – ha! I’ve already been accepted for graduate school next year doing primary school teacher training. We do about 12-15 hours study a week – usually 2-3 essays from 1000-5000 words and a 2-3 hour exam at the end for most of the courses. It is hard juggling a nearly fulltime job, a family and 60 hour weeks – I’m now down to a 40 hour week which feels like a piece of cake this semester! Best of luck for the next semester!

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