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We read a lot of books here, and I love choosing new books with Boo and Little Man. It’s my greatest area of weakness, truth be told, as I can never resist them asking me for a new book, and so budgeting always goes out the window! And when it comes to their birthdays and Christmas, they’ll always have a book each. I was on the lookout for special books for both of them, as their birthdays are just around the corner, when LostMy.Name got in touch with me and offered me a chance to review their personalised books.

I popped over to their website, and was immediately sold on them!

unnamed (1)


The illustrations looked so beautiful and I loved the premise for the story – the child has lost their name, so the pages take us through finding each letter to make up the name. The video that they have on their website explains it all…

When you click to ‘create your own special book’, it’s an easy 3 step process. Pop in your child’s name, select their gender, and then click preview. You’ll be able to see every page of their book then and buy it if you want it. Fast and effective, I liked this part! I then received an email confirming that my books were being created, and they then arrived around a week later…

Lostmy.name books

Love them! Yep, totally love them. They feel so sturdy, with thick, quality paper, and the matt illustrations are adorable.

Lostmy.name books 3

Lostmy.name books 2

Lostmy.name books 1

The books are around A4 size, and are aimed at children aged 2-6 years old. If you’ve a child with a very short name, there are filler pages to pad the story out. Boo’s name is 5 letters long which makes for a good story, and then Little Man’s is 9 letters long, so his book’s a little heftier! His name has a letter repeated in it, but there are variations on each letter, so he has no duplicate pages. The story’s all come together and flow perfectly.

At Β£18.99 (with free worldwide shipping) they’re not the cheapest of personalised books, but they are gorgeous keepsakes, and the quality of the book absolutely lives up to the price tag. They are books to be enjoyed, magical tales to be spun and treasures to keep. I cannot wait to see the kids’ reactions when they open these on their birthdays now. I couldn’t have hoped for more special birthday books for them.

I have 3 15% discount codes available now.Β Let me know if you’d like one by midnight 13th August 2014, by way of commenting here or over on social media, and I’ll then select 3 people at random to receive them.

Disclosure: I received these books FOC for the purposes of this review. As ever, all words and opinions remain my own.

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36 thoughts on “Lostmy.name Personalised Books Review”

  1. These are beautiful, I love that you can see exactly what the book will be like and the illustrations are lovely. Like you said a really special book, definitely something that they will want to keep forever ‘triedtested

    1. Jocelyn Reading

      It’s great to be able to see it all on the website, and then when you get it, it is so lovely. And yes, a forever keepsake.

  2. Oh wow. I have been looking at these books and thinking what a lovely gift they would make as a christmas present for Lil G, yes that’s right we are on THE list! Like you I adore reading to Lil G and thankfully he is sharing my passion. *fingers crossed*

  3. Oh how lovely are these !
    Highly tempting to get my own name !
    They would make lovely presents. You have just sold me on our nieces birthday present.
    Please consider me in your discount code giveaway.
    Thanks xx

  4. My husband is in the Army, so I was a little bumbed that they do not offer a military discount. if you still have a discount code available, I would be SO VERY grateful for it.
    Thank you so very much!
    Amy Hamilton

  5. Absolutely amazing book! I love the personalisation of them. I’m a big fan of reading to my child already and I can see how a book using their own name would encourage them to enjoy books even more. #triedtested x

  6. These books are so gorgeous – I’ve been looking at ordering one for Toby but I wondered if we wouldn’t be getting a bum deal with him having such a short name! I see they add extra bits of story in though if there aren’t many letters in the name so that’s that worry out the window πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, they do, so it’s still a good story. My daughter’s name’s only 5 letters, and it’s still good!

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