Lottie Dolls Review & Giveaway

We were delighted to discover recently that we’d been chosen as Lottie dolls ambassadors.

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I’d read a lot about them, and really liked the story and concept behind them. Here’s a little background information for you:

Lottie celebrated her two year anniversary last month, having made her appearance in 2012 as the first ever ‘pro-girl’ doll.

Designed for girls aged 3 – 9, Lottie was developed with scientific expertise from leading British academics, alongside consumer research, to address parental concerns over negative body image, an increased perception of premature sexualisation, as well as a desire for a return to good old-fashioned creative and imaginative play.

The Year One range includes Pony Flag Race, Spring Celebration Ballet, English Country Garden, Branksea Festival, Autumn Leaves, Snow Queen.
The Year Two range added Robot Girl, Pirate Queen, Lighthouse Keeper, Kawaii Karate, Butterfly Protector and Pandora’s Box.

You can see the full range here.

I was looking forward to Boo receiving hers so that we could get to know Lottie a little better. Aside from wanting them all, Boo had selected three that she really liked the look of, and of the three of them, we were then sent Snow Queen Lottie…

LT003 Snow Queen Lottie Doll - SML

Lottie is thrilled to receive a party invitation to the Masked Ball. Inspired by one of her favourite stories, Lottie decides to dress as a Snow Queen. Wearing a silver, sparkly mask and a magnificent ice blue and frosty white gown studded with silver snowflakes – will any of her friends recognise her?


Initial impressions were good. I thought the packaging was really enticing for a little girl, as I liked how it came with a handle like a bag, and added touches such as the ‘This Lottie belongs to….’ on the back really make it special. She was also refreshingly easy to get out of the box, tied simply to secure her. It was fortunate, as there were little hands grasping and trying to get her out faster than I could open her!

Boo adores her Snow Queen Lottie, and she’s been on a fair few days out with us already. Handily, she’s only 18cm tall, so big enough that you won’t lose her, but small enough to fit in your bag, and be carried easily by small hands. Here’s Boo with her, so you get an idea of the size..

boo and lottie

I really like the fact that Lottie is a child. She stands in flat shoes, and will stand up, too, she has a childlike body, no make up or jewellery. With Boo just starting school, I’m very aware of the pressures around us these days for girls to grow up more quickly than I believe they should, so a toy such as this, is very welcome.

With Boo at school, we’ve made it a game that every afternoon when she comes home, she needs to find out what Lottie’s been up to, as she’ll have been having some fun in the playroom whilst waiting for her friend to come home…


A few of the things she’s been doing so far are riding the dinosaur, playing in the tent, hanging out with the croquet mallets, watching TV and catching up on a little reading – busy doll!

We’ve also enjoyed looking around the Lottie doll website, particularly the Create section, with lots of different printables and some colouring in pages. Boo’s now really looking forward to the ‘coming soon’ Games page, too.

The whole concept, from product, to packaging, to the website, to the messages, is well thought out and well executed. It’s a fun and positive brand for children to enjoy. Lottie is going down well in our household, so we are proud to be ambassadors.

And to kick off this new ambassadorship in style, across the new team, we’ve 2 Lottie dolls and 2 accessories sets up for grabs for one lucky winner, as they are celebrating their second anniversary. The competition runs from 14th September until the 12th October, open to UK & ROI entrants only. Lottie dolls are running this one, so selecting a winner and delivering the prize is their responsibility. Good luck!

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You can find Lottie over on Facebook and Twitter, where there’s always plenty going on.

What do you think of Lottie?

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4 thoughts on “Lottie Dolls Review & Giveaway”

  1. I came across Lottie dolls when trying to find something more bearable than barbies, but with the same collectability, dressing up and play value. We have the ballet and autumn leaves ones and love them – they’re beautifully designed, easy for small hands to dress, and have such wholesome hobbies! You’ve picked a great brand to be an ambassador for.

    1. Thank you. I’m really impressed with them, and fully support what they’re looking to do in the dolls market. I do like the look of those two you’ve mentioned there, too – maybe our collection needs to grow…!

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