A Love of Lists from Fox and Star (Guest Post)

It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s a #BringBackPaper day here on the blog. I do love these weekly papery indulgences! Before I hand over to today’s fabulous guest poster, just a couple of reminders for you. Firstly, that this months activity is to simply send some paper out into the world – a letter, a thank you note, a book or magazine passed on – whatever suits! I’ve done loads of it this month already, and have more letters to write, too. And then to remind you that next week is the last Wednesday in the month, which makes it Papery Peep day! Be ready to share your posts, be it reading piles, stationery stashes, a book you’ve been loving, a papery shopping trip, letters you’ve received, anything you want to share. The linky will open first thing next Wednesday morning.

Right, onto today’s post, and we are hearing from Fox and Star‘s Ariane, and her Love of Lists…

There’s something incredibly satisfying about scribbling out a task that tapping a screen doesn’t really accomplish. Although I’ve tried a whole host of apps and browser plug ins, I always end up turning to a paper planner and my planner of choice at the moment is The Weekly Times by Seeso. As it’s also a desk pad, I can tear off a sheet and pop it up on the wall with some of our washi tape.


The problem with apps and web-based task-lists is that they tend to give me another reason to be distracted as I generally end up spending half the time setting up the actual task rather than tackling it. Also, apparently the act of writing things down tends to embed itself in your memory a little more too as we tend to write slower than we type.

Breaking a large project or substantial amount of work into smaller tasks always makes things seem far more manageable. Just think about it, the visual neatness of a list can be far more engaging than a large block of text, that’s something that Buzzfeed has definitely run with.

1. johnny cash list
Johnny Cash List

For all those that keep a journal, I’d love to know if anyone ever gets writer’s block? I know that it sounds kind of weird to have writer’s block for your own journal, but after writing down the bits and bobs that have occurred throughout the day, I often draw a total blank. I’ve found that churning out a block of text, even for my own journal is sometimes a bit intimidating and so it seems that the best way to get ideas down on paper quickly is through lists. Whenever stumped for a topic, it’s always a good prompt to jot down all those places that you’d love visit. If you think about it putting pen to paper really does give you a lot more space to get creative when compared with sticking to the constraints of that tech-based task manager.

Perfect Planning Ingredients:
1. A decent notebook, planner or whiteboard
2. Your favourite pen
3. Washi tapes for colour coding, indexing and general cheerfulness.


If you do fancy picking up a shiny new pretty planner of your own and perhaps some cute washi tapes and stickers for decorating, please do hop over to the Fox and Star shop to check out our stationery selection.

Happy Planning,
Ari 🙂

Thanks, Ariane, I love paper lists, too! And Ari is also offering us all a lovely 10% off everything code to use in her shop, until midnight Sunday 22nd June, simply quote BRINGBACKPAPER. Enjoy your shopping!

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8 thoughts on “A Love of Lists from Fox and Star (Guest Post)”

  1. I love this! Am all about a good list (as my blog might suggest!) and am forever scribbling away on paper, our kitchen blackboard, in my notes app. Writing things down by hand definitely makes them stick in the head more, so am seriously thinking about getting one of those tear-off paper planners! It might stop me having multiple to-do lists all over the house!

  2. I love paper! Especially when it comes To-Do Lists and Schedules. I have a half a dozen spiral bound notebooks. I use them for lists and ideas, whatever. I try to buy a ton at the store when they have back to school shopping. I can usually buy them for 15 cents a piece 🙂

    1. Ah, a woman after my own heart! I do love a new notebook! I think my #BringBackPaper series is for you then! x

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