Loving Lottie!

We’re Lottie dolls ambassadors here, which means we have the fun of testing out and playing with Lottie dolls and accessory sets and sharing them with you. I shared our first Lottie experience, with Snow Queen Lottie, here and I’m now excited to tell you about more that we’ve been enjoying…

School-Days-Lottie-doll-1_compactSchool Days Lottie

How perfectly timed is this for us?! With Boo starting school just a couple of months ago, she likes her School Days Lottie. Personally, I like her, too, as Boo acts out things that get said and done at school whilst playing with her, so it’s a really lovely insight into her school days, as she rarely actually tells me anything!

Super Hero Lottie Outfit Set

This one was actually designed by 6 year old Lily from the US, and I can see why she won as it’s fabulous! Here she is with it..


Scooter-Accessory-Set-Lottie-doll-1_compactScooter Set

Boo had a scooter for her birthday a few weeks ago, and she now has a doll with the same! Though I must admit that if I saw her attempting the gravity-defying tricks that she does with Lottie I’d be a little afraid!

Boo likes playing with her dolls, changing their clothes and accessories, and acting out lots of scenarios while chattering away….

Playing with Lottie1

Playing with Lottie3

playing with lottie 5

playing with lottie 6

Lottie dolls are £16.99 each, and outfit and accessory sets are all £7.99 each.

I did talk about all the reasons that I like Lottie dolls in my previous post, and why I’m pleased to be working with them, but the main point is that these dolls are child-like in body, with no make up, no heels, and as the above dolls and sets imply, they’re relate-able so children should be able to relate and play with them as ‘just like me’. Lottie wants to spread positive and fun messages to children, and have just released their video, sharing why every girl’s a superhero…

You can find Lottie over on Facebook, and there’s always plenty going on on their page, from sharing new products and facts about Lottie to fun and games. It’s also worth signing up to Club Lottie to receive details of special offers.

At the moment, I have an offer code, LOTTIE10 for you, and it works at the Amazon checkout only (not on the LOTTIE website cart) and this gives you the chance to get 20% off your purchase across the entire range on any spends over £20. But hurry, offer ends Midnight on Sunday, 14 December 2014!


Disclosure: I am a Lottie Dolls ambassador, so I received these products FOC for the purposes of sharing them with you. All words and opinions remain my own. 

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22 thoughts on “Loving Lottie!”

  1. I do love the look of these dolls. Jessica has just started showing an interest in these kinds of dolls and I like the fact that the Lottie dolls have a more child-like body and more realistic proportions.

    1. Yes, they’re great in that they are child-like, their clothes and accessories are all fun and positive, too. We like them!

  2. what a refreshing doll! i love that she isn’t half naked with and wearing makeup like the average barbie type doll. it is lovely to see a super hero female too, very inspiring. looks like Boo had great fun playing with her, lovely photos. #TriedTested

  3. I can see why you’re a fan of these dolls. I’ve never been into dolls at all, and neither are my two (unsurprisingly I suppose!), but if they ever expressed an interest, I’d happily look at these.

    1. Yes, Boo loves her, too. Though we’ve bought her another for Christmas, so we’ll see which she goes for then…!

  4. Oh these are fabulous! I love the idea of both of the dolls – Chloe is always “playing school” at the moment so this would be lovely for her. Her big brother is also obsessed with superheros so it would allow her to join in with that play.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week and I hope you have a lovely Christmas!

    1. They’re great, lovely for imaginative play, and positive messages, too. Thanks for hosting, and hope you have a lovely time, too x

  5. I like the Lottie Dolls because they’re based on the proportions of an average child, not on the silly Barbie type body that no one can achieve without surgery. Nice review #triedtested

  6. I love the look and sound of these dolls compared to similar dolls on the market as they are much better suited to young girls. I love the little outfits and accessories available too. I cant wait until my toddler is old enough for dolls like this to play with xx #TriedTested

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