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I cannot be the only parent who has used towels and sheets to try and black out the light in a caravan? Surely?! If we stay in a caravan, the beds are invariably right underneath the window meaning that I know my kids will be up at the crack of dawn when the light floods through, that’s if they go to sleep in the first place as they’re convinced it’s still daytime so should be playing.

They have blackout blinds with blackout curtains over them in their bedrooms at home. We take little chances here that daylight will sneak in and get them waking even earlier than they normally do! That’s what they’re used to, so if we go away, light flooding into the room is unhelpful. But now we are all set, we are sorted, and it’s so much more effective and easier to do than towels precariously positioned over curtain rails….

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These are brilliant! Magic Blackout Blinds are going to make going away a little easier now.

They come on a roll, as perforated sheets. Tear them off, pop them against the window and they will cling to it. It really is that simple. They can be cut, too, or easily torn, so that you can block out every last bit of light to fit the window. It takes just a minute or so, and they’re done, it is not a tricky process at all.

They don’t need tack, glue, tape, nothing like that, it’s just static that makes them cling. Which means that they also leave no marks on the window afterwards.

magic blackout blinds

You can see how much darker they make the room, as the picture bottom right is with the door open, so the light is flooding in that way. You can also see more clearly there how they are just static sheets popped over the windows. Simple!

I can see us using these when we go away, and I was also thinking that when the children go to stay at their nan’s in the holidays they will come in handy, too.

I am still happy to use our blackout blinds and curtains for every day use long term use, of course, but I’d definitely recommend these for those temporary occasions, or perhaps for rooms that you wouldn’t normally need them in. They black out the light just as effectively, if not more so, than the blinds that we have.

As well as using them for kids rooms, they work as pop-up blackboards (they stick easily to walls, too), backing for aquariums and are handy for blocking out light for gamers or cinema nights – lots of uses!

And Magic Whiteboards have a range of other products, too, such as this new Magic Notebook

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These are handy to use with my daughter, especially as this is similar to how she does her phonics work at school. They all have wipe boards and marker pens, so she’s been quite comfortable working like this, and she’s now commandeered all of the books for her spellings practice! I can see them being a good way for children to work, as they needn’t be worried about making mistakes as they instantly wipe clean. These can then be used over and over and over again, too. We just use a little kitchen roll to wipe clean, so simple enough to do.

magic notebooks

To be honest, my daughter will write on anything, with anything, as she enjoys it. I am thinking that this could be really handy for more reluctant writers, as it’s a little different and ‘magic’ so might seem them engaging more.

There are magic blinds, notebooks, sticky notes and whiteboards, and all are handy and versatile.

What do you think of the range?

Disclosure: We received these products FOC for the purposes of this review, though all words and opinions are my own

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20 thoughts on “Magic Blackout Blinds & More”

  1. We could really use these but I’ve just gone to the website and I can’t figure out how to order them! It seems I need to get them from a supplier? I’ll be on a lookout for them! #triedtested

  2. Oh my! You are a life saver! We’ve been looking for a solution to keep the sunlight out of a tent….and this might just work! Thanks for reviewing and pointing us in the the right direction! x #TriedTested

  3. What a genius idea! We often struggle at my parents’ house as their windows are such odd shapes – these would solve the problem beautifully!
    Thanks so much for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  4. Looks good and the main thing is that it blocks out the light. As we all know, light is the natural enemy of baby / kid sleep! Not so sure I like the temporary nature of them though as you surely wouldn’t be able to use again as windows are different sizes? I’d probably prefer to buy a travel blackout blind which I could take with me and use again and again 🙂

    1. It definitely works well. They can be re-used a few times, and there are lots on the roll. I know what you mean about the temporary nature of them, though I think the advantage would be that you can cut and fit them to perfectly cover any window. Pros and cons with both, I guess!

  5. Hi Jocelyn, these temporary black out sheets sound perfect for keeping babes in their beds a little longer away from home. A very clever idea. The magic notepads sound good too, anything ‘magic’ usually gets children’s attention. An excellent idea.


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