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You all know that I love my stationery here, and so it’s only natural that I am hoping to pass on my scribbling ways to my children. I like to keep an eye out for children’s stationery as much as I do for me, and that’s when I spotted Magical World Journals. There are 4 journals in the range, a Unicorn, a Treeman, a Vampires and a Dragon journal…





Magical World Journals, from Dave and Vicki, share the story of how they got started over on their website:

Magical World Journals began when my son, Robby, was 8 years old. We were on holiday in a tiny village in the French mountains but it had been raining for days and – having run out of things to do – we dived into a dusty, ramshackle old toy shop before the next downpour.

Lurking on a bookshelf we found the ‘TreeMan’ journal – a very strange and curious book! Robby was fascinated by it and forgot about all the other toys in the shop. We knew immediately that the journal was something special and it didn’t leave Robby’s side for the rest of the holiday. From someone who had to be forced to do any kind of writing at school, he went to creating imaginary worlds and fantasies for hours!

By the end of the holiday the journal was pretty much full and Daisy (our 6 year old daughter) wanted her own! Every single one of Robby’s friends were amazed when they saw the book and were desperate for one too. We found out that they weren’t yet available in the UK, so we set ourselves up as the UK publisher and got a load of books printed up.

So that’s where we’re at now!

As parents, we want to do whatever we can to make sure our kids develop a love of writing and drawing, and we want them to have a safe place to express themselves. We really believe the journals can play a small part towards this.

We’ve received a journal to review, and this one’s for Boo. At 4, it’s her very first, and I think I’d have struggled to choose one that would have enraptured her more! She checked out every single page…

Unicorn and Boo

And then asked me for a pencil so that she could start writing in it…

Unicorn Journal and BooNow this is where she hit a stumbling block, as she realised that she can’t write many words yet! But she improvised, and drew her stories and thoughts instead, and with all of the pages being blank, the journal lends itself to both writing and drawing.

I am impressed with the size of it, and the detailing, both inside and out. The cover is hand-painted plastic and 3D…

Unicorn Journal

And then there are 128 pages inside, each with a border or illustration…

Unicorn Journal inside

I am really pleased with this product, and I know that Boo loves it. I’ve not seen anything like this before, and it certainly feels quite special. It is as though you can only write down happy or magical thoughts in there! This particular journal is £14.95 (prices range from £9.95 – £15.95), and I do think that it’s worth it. This isn’t your average notebook, as I’m sure you can see, and it’s a good size and beautifully illustrated. It’s a special occasion treat, not a little thing to scribble a few notes down in. And if Boo decides to become a journal-keeper or a story-writer, then I’ll ensure she has a new magical journal each year.

I do have 2 Magical World Journals available to give away to 2 of my readers, one each. I have a Unicorn journal and a Treeman journal up for grabs, so to be in with a chance of winning one of them, just use the rafflecopter below. (Ends 29th July 2014, open to UK entrants only)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Are your children building up their stationery collections, too? And how much would you have loved one of these as a child?!

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Disclosure: We received a journal FOC for the purposes of this review. 

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177 thoughts on “Magical World Journals Review & Give-Away”

  1. Sarah Prightingale

    It’s hard to choose between the dragon and the unicorn! But I think the unicorn wins 🙂

  2. How ace are these books!!! My girl would so love one of these. Maybe something to consider next year when she is a bit older. Or she would do now is scribble all over it and rip the pages out? Lovely review xxx

  3. My granddaughter would love the unicorn and my grandson woudld love treeman- I thnik they are all great

  4. I absolutely adore the Unicorn Journal and I know my magical world obsessed daughter would love this!

  5. Paula Readings

    The Dragon for me, but my daughter likes the unicorn & my son likes the Vampires. something for everyone then!

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