Make An Incredible Birthday Collage Together With Your Family

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We all have busy lives full of appointments, deadlines, and important dates but this year the universe told us to stop for a moment. Surely, the lockdown is interfering with our lives, however, it is also giving many people and families more time to bond and focus on what’s important – family.

So this year it might be fun to make a loved one’s birthday truly special and memorable and create your own present together. To make something truly memorable, it can be fun to look into making a photo collage with the best family photos depicting the most remarkable moments from your lives. Take a look through your photos, pick your favourites, and resize them if need be ready to make a fun collage. There is a great program for this purpose – Photo Collage Maker, that makes it so simple and inspirational that we are sure you will enjoy using it. Here is a short instruction on how to put a smile on your loved one’s face on their special day, using happy birthday collage maker.

Pick a Template

First, pick a birthday collage template from an extensive gallery of festive and cute layouts: some come with flowers, adorable frames, birthday cakes, and short congratulatory texts. It can be easy to be overwhelmed by such a number of options, so you might ask your children to pick one that they prefer, and then make this decision together. Children can be very creative and attentive to the details, so they are bound to come up with something meaningful; perhaps they will choose granny’s favourite flowers or a hobby that grandad really enjoys.

Add the Best Family Photos

Second, add the best photos of the birthday person. You could also decide to add pictures of your family members to the happy birthday collage to turn it into a cute family memorabilia, and make it something really special and presonal to your family. For example, each year you might throw a little show on family birthdays: your daughter dances, your son does magic tricks, your mother plays piano, and your husband and you sing a duet. So, it might be a great idea to put all these funny photos from your celebrations to the collage. The result will be truly inspiring and is sure to make everyone laugh as they remember the hilarious performances.

Design Away

Every template in the program comes with a design, however, there are tons of editing options, so you can bring your own vision to it and make a personalized birthday collage design. Your children could choose cute clipart from the huge gallery, and add them to the collage, picking some nice frames to decorate your little present. It is also possible to add some filters and masks to finish up your birthday collage design.

Extend Your Wishes

Now it is time to express all your gratitude and thank your loved ones for all their support and help. Again, make sure this one is nice and personal. Your children could write a small poem thanking their grandmother for all the heartwarming words she gives them and you could add some congratulatory words of your own, before choosing a stylish font to spice up your birthday pic collage.

Wrap It up

When your photo collage for birthday is ready, you can print it out at home, put it in a cute frame that your kids have decorated with their stickers, and then give it to your loved one on their special day. Alternatively, you can also save your work as a picture on your computer and send it via email or share it in your social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram.

All in all, working on this project will make for an amazing family day together, and your loved one is bound to be very happy about their present. And the best part is that you don’t need to clean up afterward – no glitter and pieces of paper lying around, no glue on the floor. By the way, Photo Collage Maker is a great tool to create all kinds of crafts at home: invitations, greeting cards, scrapbooks, and albums. So try it out and have a great family bonding day together!

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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