Make Your Garden A Haven For Wildlife In 3 Simple Steps

If you have a bit of a jungle in your back garden rather than a well coiffed lawn, some shrubs and an array of flowers, you may be keen to give your outside space a bit of a facelift. Before you launch head first into any makeover, consider what you want from your back garden. Some people want a spot for relaxation. Others simply want a large area full of flowerbeds. And others are keen to get some wildlife into the outdoor area. If you love nothing more than feeding the birds, looking out for foxes and making a hedgehog sanctuary within your space, then read on to discover how you can benefit the animals in your local area by making a few simple tweaks to your garden.

Water Feature

Most people love the idea of having some sort of water feature in their garden. You might be keen for a fountain, a giant water orb or a cascading waterfall. Alternatively, you could opt for the traditional feature and go for a pond. With a decent liner and a couple of top quality pond filters, you can create a haven for frogs, toads, newts and water insects to thrive. By creating your very own water habitat, you will have creatures flocking to your garden. Being a paradise for amphibians, you can enjoy chilling out by the side of your pond while enjoying the frogs hopping, the toads croaking and the dulcet sounds of water trickling.


Some flowers are more wildlife friendly than others. To entice bees, you should consider planting a bed of crocus flowers, borage and hyacinth. The sweet nectar from these plants attracts bees to enable them to go on and make supreme honey. If you adore birds, plant some cornflowers, burdock and teasels. The seeds within the heads of these flowers attract goldfinches, coal tits and blue tits to your garden. For more hungry birds the sorts of plants that attract aphids and insects are perfect as they then have a new food source at their disposal.


A key part of creating a home for wildlife within your back garden is to try and provide a safe and secure environment for them. By stacking logs covered with leaves in the corner of your garden you can attract hedgehogs to make their new home with you. At the same time, you may want to build a small bank of wildflowers or knapweed to create a home for beetles. Many beetles such as the stag beetle and the two spot ladybird have become so rare that we have no idea of their population size. By creating a little patch of safe space for them, you can do your bit to save them from getting even more scarce.

While you will never have a zoo in your back garden, you can create a little haven of peace for birds, hedgehogs, beetles, insects, foxes and water dwelling creatures. By thinking about the wildlife in your garden, you can create an outdoor space that is unique, that helps the environment and that you can feel proud of.

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