Make Your Home Safer for Your Kids

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Once you have kids in the house, everything changes. Although you will have to baby-proof the house before your baby arrives, you need to keep the home safe as they grow up. As they get older, they will wander off to discover new things, hang onto things as they try to walk for the first time, or even climb over things which can topple. If you are wondering how you can prevent accidents and make your home safe for the kids, here are some useful tips.

Drain All Water Containers

Drowning is a major risk for children, especially those who are just learning to walk. Small children are never safe near water, be it the bathtub, a swimming pool or even containers where water can accumulate. It is therefore important that you drain all water containers and protect areas that have a large amount of water, such as the bathtub or swimming pool. Empty the bathtub after use, install a fence around swimming pools, and secure the garden too.

Add Mats to Slippery Surfaces

Mats are the best solution for slippery areas where your child might slip and hurt themselves. These include any tiled areas such as the bathroom and kitchen or any areas that have a smooth floor.

Secure Cupboards and Wardrobes to the Wall

Kids climb over furniture all the time. Due to their height, cupboards and wardrobes can topple very easily. It is a good idea to secure them to the wall to reduce the chances of this happening.

Secure the Windows and the Stairs

Once your child starts crawling or climbing over things, they will try to explore the house, and they might get into trouble. Windows will need to be closed and stairs secured to minimise the chances of accidents. Guardrails at the entrance to balconies and stairs as well as safety guards on the windows should be the minimum level of protection added.

Prevent Fire Injuries

It is unlikely that your toddler will burn the house down, but they can injure themselves with fire. Although keeping matches and lighters out of your children’s reach is a good place to start, installing fire and smoke detectors should be the very minimum. 

To prevent burns and scalds, ensure anything that is hot or that can get hot is out of your children’s reach. 

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Qualify for Home Insurance

A lot of people do not realise that making the home safer actually fulfils a major provision for qualifying for cheap home insurance. Well-maintained electrical systems or working smoke and fire detectors are just a few of the things you need to qualify for home insurance. This means that if you do everything you need to qualify for home insurance, you will be making your home safer by default. When you need home insurance, you can find cheap home insurance through an insurance comparison system in order to see what each provider is offering in their coverage.

There is no compromise when it comes to keeping your children safe. Starting with the home is the bare minimum, especially when they are very young. In addition to making the home safe, always have a first aid kit available for the unfortunate times when accidents happen.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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