Making A Few Extra Pennies In Minutes

I’ve been making a little bit of extra cash this month, and I’m finding it easy, it fits in with whatever I’m doing and it’s actually quite relaxing! I thought today I’d share with you how you could be making a few extra pennies in minutes, in case you like to idea of giving this a try too. 

My brother sent me a link to this app as he was trying it and liked it. It’s all about completing surveys, and couldn’t be easier to get started and to earn money.

This one’s for you if you like to share opinions and often have your phone with you. If like me, you can end up losing five minutes here and there scrolling, falling down a Twitter rabbit hole or similar, then this might be a more productive way to fill those moments. 

This post contains affiliate links

What’s the app?

The app is Attapoll,  and if you click on this link it will take you straight through to Attapoll. If you’re not on your phone right now, you can just download the app through your app store and use code ‘nydtt‘ for instant credit for both you and I when you begin (I get 20p, you get 40p) and then you can get going. 

How does it work?

You’ll begin by filling in a few basic profile questions for a few more pence and then the surveys will start to pop up in your dashboard. 

The dashboard shows you how long a survey will take and the payment for it. For example, 7 minutes for 25p. 

Some surveys you will find you will be screened out for within seconds, whereas others can take anything from a couple of minutes t0 20 minutes. I’d say the average time is probably around 7-10 minutes. 

The surveys are on a huge range of subjects, from dishwasher tablets to how you spend your leisure time, so be prepared to answer anything! 

How do I get paid?

You can receive payment through gift card (choose from John Lewis, Uber Eats, Amazon, Argos, Nike, Asos and more), PayPal or Revolut, or you can click to donate it. 

It’s all easy to find through the app, as you can see your total at any time and take the payment when suits you. 

The Verdict

I wasn’t too sure at first whether to even bother installing it, but figured it was free to do so and my brother was obviously happy with it, so gave it a go.

I’m pleased I did. I filled in a few surveys initially and I could see my balance going up, and it felt really easy to do. 

Some surveys I screen out for swiftly, I have had a few glitching out partway, but I have still found plenty to complete.

I like the variety or survey subjects, it keeps it interesting and I find I can complete a handful each day.

I’ve been using this now for a couple of weeks and I like it enough to be talking about it today.

You’re not going to get rich quick with this app, but I do think it’s a super easy way to earn extra pennies whenever you have a few spare minutes. 

I plan to add the sum at the end of every month to our summer holiday fund for a little extra spending money. And when that’s over? Well, it seems like a good way to get myself a few books each month! 

Could this be something for you to try?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links


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2 thoughts on “Making A Few Extra Pennies In Minutes”

  1. I have heard of Attapoll but I haven’t tried it yet. I already use Prolific which sounds similar so yes it will be something for me to try. Every penny helps at the moment. x

    1. It definitely does, and I do find this one easy to use, though I’ve not tried Prolific. Hope you get on OK with it x

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