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Making Summer Plans

I feel like the weeks are running away with me lately. Somehow, it’s the start of July and mentally I think I’m still in March! So over the weekend I made a point of sitting down with my calendar and focusing on where we’re at and started making summer plans.

The next few weeks at school are going to fly by, I just know it. It’s always the fun month, isn’t it?

Even with my daughter now at secondary school, she’s still got some fun stuff going on at school, including a residential. 

They will both be starting to look forward to next term, with transitions for that, parents’ evening for my son and then I think they will just be winding down. 

Which means I need to get a few things lined up for their much anticipated holidays. We already have some work booked in on a couple of home projects, but I doubt that’ll excite them, it’s just more organizing for me to do! 

We like to have a mixture of days out and days with very little happening. Adventures along with downtime always suits both of them. And luckily, they do normally get on well together so they can entertain one another. 

We are fortunate to have a couple of breaks planned already, both very different and I’m really looking forward to them.

Early August, we are off to Somerset for a few nights. We’d like to have some slow days, exploring local National Trusts, walks in parks, picnics, and the seaside. 

at the beach

Then later in the month we’re going to Paris. We’ll be spending 3 nights sightseeing in the city, then moving on to stay for 3 nights in Disneyland. We’re meeting up with my brother and his family for a few of these days too. 

Exciting trips. But beyond those and a couple of play dates, we had an empty calendar until yesterday.

We have now booked in a few more play dates as we love to catch up with friends over the holidays. We’ll probably just spend time at one another’s homes for these, but may make plans to go out with them nearer to the time. 

I then asked the kids what else they would like to do with their holidays, so we now have:

Drayton Manor. We’re annual pass holders and live 15 minutes away so this one’s easy.

Tickets to see The Hundred at Edgbaston. Cricket has become interesting in our house lately! 

A trip out with my niece. She’s getting more active and playful now, so this will be fun. 

Trampolining. Always a hit with them both. We’ll probably go with friends. 

Barbecues. We just recently got a barbecue, so this has become a new favourite thing to do.

A sleepover with friends. 12 year old girls. It won’t be quiet. Wish me luck. 

Pyjama days. They love chill days at home. Other than walking Herbie, we won’t leave the house and they can game, play together, watch films, eat snacks, you get the idea. 

I always like to have plenty of downtime like this, time for them to completely unwind and switch off and enjoy just relaxing around the house. 

And that’s about it so far. Nice to see a few plans made, with a good sprinkling of quieter days too. 

What plans are you making for your summer?

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  1. We haven’t made any plans for summer, we really should as I am sure these next few weeks will fly over. It sounds like you have some fantastic plans. Good luck with the sleepover. x

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