Making That Dream Wish List Affordable

This is a collaborative post

What would be on your dream wish list? What are those luxuries that you have always had your eye on but not quite splashed out on yet? We all have these dream wish lists, don’t we?

It’s fun to think about all of those treats that we would love to splurge on, but have you ever looked into making them a reality? There are often ways to make some of these things affordable, and like all things in life, it is often about our own priorities. How much do you really want these things?

Summer house

Ah, to have a she-shed! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little room, just for you? Perhaps an office, a craft room, a reading nook, a workshop, whatever you want it to be. But yours, just yours! What would you do with it? I think I would have to cram it with books and pop a comfy sofa in there to read on.

The prices on these can vary quite a bit, so do look around and buy in seasonal sales. When buying online, always look for a promotion code before checking out and opt for 0% finance where possible.

Disney World

This one is on so many people’s wish list, isn’t it? Regular readers will know that we have been fortunate enough to go, and we do have another trip coming up next year.

The truth of it, there is not a ‘cheap’ way to do Disney. There just isn’t . However, there are things that you can do to make it much more affordable. We stay onsite at Disney and we always go when the free dining offer is running. This means we don’t need to pay for any food, drinks, parking or transport, which makes quite a difference. It also means that we have paid for all that we’ll need upfront before travelling which makes it easier to plan and budget for.

Private number plates

Has this one always been on your list? I have a couple of family members with private number plates and I saw how much fun that they had choosing their number plates.

I noticed that the variation in cost was largely down to the plate itself. Handily, you will find that there are ways of spreading the monthly payments for a number plate to make it manageable and there are zero interest options available on the finance. This helps to put this one within reach.

Loft conversion

This is one of the best ways of adding extra space to your home. You can create an extra bedroom like this, or perhaps a library room – you knew that’s what I’d be thinking, didn’t you?

Along with adding space, this one would also add value to your home, so you can view this one as an investment rather than a treat, can’t you?

Designer wear

Everyone has a different weakness here. You might be yearning for a Gucci handbag or a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. Or maybe it’s jewellery or sunglasses for you?  Whatever the choice, do check out designer outlet villages first or at least wait for the sales before buying. And then wear it or use it. We often treat ourselves to things like this and then keep them ‘for best’ only, but then we don’t get our money’s worth. Wear it, show it off!

So now I am being nosy, and I want to know what would be on your list?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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