Making Time For Me

Even as I typed the title, I felt a twinge of guilt. I am not comfortable prioritising time for myself, just to be me.

I am busy with home, family, childcare, studying and of course this blog. I run everything at home and I do like being busy and organising things. This blog takes a fair bit of time and maintenance and social media means I’m always on the edge of working. When I’m not physically studying, I’m often mulling information over or planning assignments as I fall to sleep. This all leaves little time for switching off, winding down or taking care of myself. I have come to realise that this isn’t good for any of us, as I need to recharge in order to do the best I can for my family, and I want to feel fit.

I have decided that after my current Open University module finishes this month, I will be joining a gym again. I say ‘again’ like this has been a regular thing, but now that I really think about it, it has been years since I was a gym member. I enjoyed going straight after work for a time, then work moved and so I went later in the evenings with the Husband and friends. Then another promotion saw me on long commutes, longer hours and the membership lapsed. Next I was having the children and it pretty much brings me up to now, as I have not managed to make time for it at all in recent years.

I’ve looked around at gyms and found one that suits me, with a good range of classes for me to try. I’ve been saying for ages that I’d like to try yoga, and they do have those classes, as well getting me back into the normal gym routine. It’s an easy route without much traffic straight after the school run in the morning, so I am hoping to fit it into my week by popping there two or three mornings, and then getting back and hitting the study books.

With rather brilliant timing, the folks over at Millet Sports recently got in touch offering me some fabulous Nike trainers, so I am good to go.

Nike Zoom Trainers

I went for the Nike Air Zoom Structure, and of course as they have ‘zoom’ in their name, I’m assuming they will make me fast and fit, yes?

With the summer off from university, I should gain a little bit of free time when Little Man’s at nursery, so that should help me get back into it.

I am aware that from September, although both of the children will be at school, I have also committed to upping my studies to full time, so that I can graduate next summer. As well as wanting to work more on this blog. But I am determined to still fit in this time for me, to feel fitter again. I will do it!

Are you good at making time for yourself?

Disclosure: I received my Nikes FOC

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  1. This is so interesting, I’ve got a post planned soon about trying to squeeze in some time for me too, and I’m finding it so valuable! Good luck with your gym visits, and they are gorgeous trainers! xx

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