Marmaduke the Very Different Dragon – Review

We’ve been treated to another lovely read from Bloomsbury Publishing…

Marmaduke the Very Different DragonMarmaduke the Very Different Dragon by Rachel Valentine & Ed Eaves

Marmaduke’s not like all the other dragons – his ears are too big and he never even triesto fly. He just doesn’t fit in, however much he wants to, and so he feels terribly lonely.

And Princess Meg? Well, she wears trainers and breaks into dance at the most inappropriate of times, which means that she sticks out like a sore thumb. She doesn’t really have any friends, but then she’s far too busy having fun to notice . . . Until one day when Marmaduke and Meg’s lives collide in the most exciting, brilliant and surprising way and they both realise just how much they need each other.

And, who knows, maybe a princess and a dragon will make the most perfect best friends.

This is a very sweet story about friendship, and reassurance that it is OK to be different. In fact, it had Boo and I talking about how it’s not just OK, but actually better to be different, to be yourself, as the ‘different’ pair clearly had the most fun in the end. It’s a message that I’m quite happy to have my children hear. The illustrations are cute, and I admit that I gasped along with Boo when Marmaduke flapped out his shimmering wings! And just look at his face – Boo and I want a dragon now….

It’s out 13th March, so do look out for it, it’s lovely 🙂

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