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We were recently contacted and offered the chance to review Mathseeds. I jumped at the opportunity, as Boo uses and enjoys the sister programme, Reading Eggs, which I reviewed here.

So, on hopping over to their website, it tells us that Mathseeds:

‘Discover the fun way to grow your child’s maths skills!

Mathseeds teaches kids aged 3-6 the core maths and problem solving skills needed to be successful at school with fun, highly interactive and rewarding lessons.

Mathseeds combines highly structured lessons with fun motivational elements that keep children engaged and keen to learn.

Your kids can start learning with Mathseeds anytime and anywhere there is a computer or tablet – just click the ‘free trial’ button to get started!’

Image from Mathseeds
Image from Mathseeds

The lessons cover areas such as counting, number recognition, greater than/less than, higher/lower, larger/smaller, and so on. Like Reading Eggs, there is a lesson map which Boo is working her way through, and when sections have been completed, a quiz to check her understanding. This also leads to certificates – Boo is a fan of a certificate! She was excitedly wielding her latest one for her daddy as soon as he walked through the door the other evening!


Boo has now been using this for a fortnight, and not only loves it, but is clearly learning from it. She asks to do it every day, and cheers and claps herself when she does well, which I find really sweet! I sometimes sit and talk her through sections, though generally can leave her to get on with it. I love hearing her counting as she works out an answer. We have a touch-screen PC which makes it very easy for her to operate herself, though of course, if she’s struggling with any element, we work it out together.

At 4, Boo will be starting school in September, so I feel that this is setting her up nicely for that. My daughter does like to learn and be tested – she’s a veritable sponge – but I’m sure she thinks these are all just games anyway and is unaware that she’s taking on board lots of basic maths skills. It is a fun programme, and one that I feel we’re really getting a lot out of it, as it makes her excited and happy, as well as developing her understanding around numeracy.

The 12 month subscription cost is currently £29.95, which I personally think is reasonable. If you’d like to try it out, you can have a 2 week trial as standard, but if you use this code that I’ve been offered for my readers, UKB27MST, you’ll receive a 4 week trial. Give it a go!

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  1. That looks great, anything that helps them with maths in a fun way, is a bonus. When mine was little he loved Seasame Street and Thomas the Tank computer games that had maths and English built in. #triedandtested

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