Me, From My Daughter’s Perspective

Today I’m doing something I’ve never done before, and I am handing over my blog to my daughter.

I’d never have thought when I started this blog with my 3 year old daughter that one day she’d be writing it herself, and yet here we are. 

She spotted me sitting at my desk to write a post a few days ago and suggested that she write one for me instead, helping me out. As you’ll probably see from the post, my girl loves to write and she’s a natural, so let me hand over to Boo….

Ahem… Is this thing on?

Okay, so first of all, I just wanted to say that my mum is the definition of ‘Supermum’, from taking me to see SIX: The Musical (twice!) and sitting and listening to One Direction with me. She’s incredible, mark my words.

Another thing to mention is the way she can just keep on surprising me. I am fairly snoopy by nature, yet somehow she can still get me things I don’t even know about!

For example, I remember my insistent nature of messaging my mum every day asking for tickets to see this show, and every day she would say no, and that she was busy. Yet, on Easter, she handed me a book, with the tickets hidden inside. It’s safe to say I was in tears, almost instantly.

She also managed to surprise me with tickets to see Harry Styles, telling me she couldn’t get them, then getting them for me for my birthday. I was in tears, yet again.

I remember the day I found One Direction. I remember sitting and listening to their albums, all the way through, over and over again.

Once I began to not shut up about these five random boys, my mum began listening to them too. She began spending her days working and eating her lunch to One Direction. And then she would surprise me by singing along to most of the words.

Now, you can often find me telling her absolutely everything the boys have been up to. Whether it’s a new Insta pic or a tweet, she will listen and pay attention. So much so, that if I brought it up a couple days later, she would know what I was talking about.

Now, showtime. Going to see plays, musicals and shows is honestly so much fun, especially with someone you can constantly talk about the show to afterwards.

Going to see things like Heathers was amazing and she didn’t judge me for my favourite character being a sociopath. Seeing Harry Styles with her was awesome too, especially because we both basically lost our voices. Yes, we were singing that loud and aggressively. And no, we did not care.

So that’s my mum from my perspective.

If you hadn’t gathered from the last… three hundred words? My mum is the best.

She does anything and everything she can to ensure my happiness, even though she is struggling herself. So I just wanted to say: thank you mum, so much, and for everything you’ve done and every sacrifice you’ve made. So many great memories made and I’m looking forward to making millions more.

Lots of love, Boo. xxx

Thanks, sweetheart.

Obviously I am crying now.

She’s the best daughter anyone can wish for, and I hope that you can see that and have got to know her through the many blog posts I’ve written about her over the past decade.

It’s been nice handing the blog over to someone else too for a change, I might need to give her a regular writing slot, what do you think?!

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8 thoughts on “Me, From My Daughter’s Perspective”

  1. She did great!! Such a wonderful post & fun idea to let her write for you! She described you as just the mother I have thought you are having never met you in person. So very sweet!

  2. What and awesome post for an awesome mom! well done Boo! think you should give her a regular slot whilst you rest ????

  3. Oh well done Boo. Your Mum is clearly special so enjoy all those times at home and away when you’re just together. And you should keep writing too. ????????

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