Mediflow Pillow Review & Give-Away

We review a good range of items here, but I’d say that the majority are for the children, or the home, and are very rarely of direct benefit or interest to the Husband. Until now.

When Mediflow got in touch with me, asking if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their pillows, I rejoiced – I kid you not! Not only would I have something that the Husband would benefit from, but if all went well, I’d also be able to stop pillow-shopping every few months, too.

I am fortunate, it seems, as I can sleep on any pillow provided. I don’t think that this is a product aimed at me. I prefer 2 pillows, but if it’s one, then fine, I’ll still sleep and I’ll be OK the next day. The Husband is a different case entirely. He has to have two, and he is particular about them. If the kids have been messing about on our bed and our pillows have been swapped over, I wouldn’t notice, but he will spot it within a second! Oh, and when we go on holiday, it’ll take him a night or two to get the right pillow combination! We also seem to end up searching for that ‘perfect pillow’ every few months, that will be just the right density for him, and will ensure he doesn’t wake up with neck ache. So, it’d be fair to say, never has he been more interested in the arrival of a review item…

mediflow pillow

On arrival, it pretty much looks like any other pillow, until you open it up and find these instructions..

Mediflow pillow

OK, so that’s not standard with a pillow! The Husband likes a firm pillow, so there was a lot of water adding..

Mediflow Pillow

Once he’d put enough in, the blue nozzle that you see there is unscrewed and you plug the pillow up. He assures me you can’t feel the little plug when you lie on it. Obviously, Boo had to test it out…

boo on pillow

There is quite a bit of water in it now, so it is very heavy, not that that’s a problem. It’s just strange to get used to moving a very heavy, sloshing pillow.

Since his first night of sleeping on it, he’s added more water to it a couple of times, to get it to the right firmness for him. That’s his favourite feature, the fact that it can be readily adjusted to get the perfect density for his comfort. He also imagines that as it’s water, over time, the pillow won’t get a dent in it from where he lies, which can also make it uncomfortable. He’s been sleeping well with this one from the start, so it gets a thumbs up from him, both in terms of comfort and, he hopes, longevity.

So as happy as we are with this product, I’m really pleased to be able to offer one of these up for a give-away, too, thanks to Mediflow. The give-away ends 25th June 2014, open to UK residents only. Good luck!

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What do you think? Have you tried one of these?

Disclosure: I received a Mediflow pillow FOC for the purposes of this review, but all words and opinions remain my own (or my husband’s).

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303 thoughts on “Mediflow Pillow Review & Give-Away”

  1. I love the thought of adding warm water too great for Winter or if you have aching shoulder and neck! This is the first time I have ever heard of thee pillow types!

  2. Fab review. I have never heard of a water pillow but the concept is great and sounds like it would great for me and mr p we like completely different stiffness and thickness of pillows. We are always buying and trying new ones to get a good night sleep. #triedtested

  3. Similar to your husband, mine’s really fussy about pillows. He currently has a feather one which is really heavy and saggy. So this one would be great for him to adapt to his needs

    1. Yes, he really likes that it can be adapted and that it won’t get old and dented. Worth a go for your husband, I’d think x

  4. What a fabulous idea, my other half can only have one pillow…two is just too much! I love the fact that you can add water or take water away to get your perfect firmness…he’s a tricky fellow to please, but I think this would be a winner for him!!

  5. This sounds lovely and as someone has already said, would be awesome for the colder months. Although I cannot help but feel queasy at the thought of lying on a pillow full of water. Seasick! hahaha! #Triedandtested

  6. Yay! The magic pillow! Looks fab. Weird putting water in. I like a nice pillow. I always struggle with my back so like my bed to be nice and comfy #Tried/Tested xxx

  7. Never heard of a water pillow, would be willing to try it. Go through many pillows trying to find one that’s gives me a good nights sleep.

  8. wow ! whats not to like ! never heard of this before so im in awe!. warm water in winter . great for my girl who suffers from ear problems !

  9. Niki Marie Wardle

    I’m intrigued by this product and would really love to try it, as a sleep enthusiast, I think this could be perfect for me! I love how you can change the firmness by adding/taking away water!

  10. The fact it can be adjusted – some nights I have a migraine and want a softer pillow so this would be perfect!

  11. I like how its a constant firmness too, great for any neck or spine problems I too have problems finding the right sleeping position 🙂

  12. kellyjo walters

    now Im a nightmare with pillows.. I have 6 pillows I sleep almost sitting up as I cant get comfortable lying flat.. my hubby however can have one or no pillows …
    I love the fact with this you can adjust firmness.. I love hard pillows and hubby soft .. would love to try this

  13. i love the fact as you can alter the firmness i usually like a hard pillow but when ive a migrane i like them nice and soft

  14. I like the idea that you can keep filling it bit by bit until it gets to the perfect density for you.

  15. It sounds awesome! I’m fussy about pillows too, I actually wake Mr B up if he swaps ours round! Love the idea of warm water in the winter too, and I imagine when I wake up in the night and want ‘the cold side’ it will have cooled down enough!

  16. This looks amazing! I love the concept of amending the amount of water to get the perfect firmness. I really struggle with sleeping, even without an 8 month bump, this I think would really help xx

  17. I like that the pillow is unique, can be filled or emptied to adjust to the sleepers own comfort preference and that if I had one it would be so heavy with water that I would always win in a pillow fight.

  18. debbie godbolt

    i think its a great idea and love that you can customise to suit the individual by adding the water so its comfortable for you x

  19. I’m forever shuffling my pillows. My physio says to just have one, but I can’t sleep with that flatness.

  20. I love the idea of customising my pillow to my own satisfaction – often they’re too soft or too hard, would be nice if it were ‘just right’ a la 3 bears lol!!!

  21. I’m quite fussy with pillows, sometimes I like a firm pillow other nights a soft one so I like the fact it can adjusted to suit my needs!

  22. Elaine (Angus'Mum)

    Oh wow I’d love to try this I’m the same as your hubby & think it would be fab to see if it helped me sleep! x

  23. claire matthews-curtis

    It’s a great idea, I like the fact that you can make it to suit how you like it, comfort wize.. Fab prize

  24. Never new water pillows existed until now and I would try anything at the moment to get a good nights sleep

  25. I like that you can adjust the firmness as and when it suits you. Sounds great, wonder if its like lying on a lilo!

  26. I think these would keep cool in summer – at the moment I’m waking half a dozen times a night and flipping the pillow because I can’t stand it too warm.

  27. Would love to try this pillow, think the way you can fill it to your own firmness requirement is a really good idea. I have spent a small fortune trying to find the correct pillow and the one I have now was great but it’s losing it’s firmness and I dread looking for a replacement.

  28. That you can choose how firm you want it, and it doesn’t go flat as a pancake after a few sleeps!

  29. Johan Ellermann

    Adding Warm water would be awesome in the winter, however would probably have to fight the wife for it then haha.

  30. The idea of it sounds brilliant! I’ve never managed to find a pillow hard enough that keeps its shape.

  31. To be able to add the right amount of water for personal comfort I think is a fabulous idea – would so love to try one of these

  32. I like the fact that it’s supposed to reduce neck pain. My hubby doesn’t sleep well due to shoulder and neck pain so this would be fantastic for him – it would be good for me too as his wakefullness keeps me awake!

  33. Andrew Halliwell

    Sounds brill for winter AND summer… Instead of adding warm water in the winter…
    What is more irritating than those hot, sleepless nights when you just can’t relax because it’s so hot and humid… Add iced water to it… Bingo…

  34. I like that I can change the density when I like. So useful and I’ve never heard of these before 🙂

  35. WATER Brilliant idea! I really struggle to find a pillow with correct firmness, I would love to win one!

  36. Robert Dittrich

    I just like the sound of trying something new, as I’m much like your husband and need a good pillow – or two!

  37. I’m very particular with pillows as I get neck and headaches if the pillow isn’t right. This looks really interesting and a good for potentially travelling with.

  38. Samantha Atherton

    I’m not completely sold on this idea, I can’t get the image of a dodge water bed out of my head and I’m imagining my head rocking about all night and waking up feeling sea sick. I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope i win so I can try it out myself.

  39. This is a very unique idea – i’ve never heard of it before. However, i suffer with neck and back pain and have spent a fortune on different types of pillows – hopefully this might be ‘the one’ 🙂

  40. Katherine Coldicott

    I like the fact that you can make the pillow firmer, I’m always changing my pillow because the firmness goes.

  41. lindsey stuart

    I love the idea of being able to adjust it to your needs and the idea of putting warm water in it sounds brilliant

  42. I have been on the hunt for the perfect pillow since I moved out of home and had to buy my own pillows! Its an impossible task!! The Mediflow sounds unique and innovative – I would love to try it, and hopefully put an end to my never-ending search for perfection.

  43. Hannah Kennedy

    This pillows looks awesome! I love that you can adjust the amount of water in it to get the perfect firmness!

  44. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs

    Wow love that the pillow won’t get a dent in it from where I lie and you can adjust the firmness 🙂

  45. Samantha Freeman

    It sounds very interesting. I do have trouble with neck ache and headaches after sleeping so very interested in reading your review and think I may try one of these out myself.

  46. Christina Jarrett

    Wow! This sounds amazing! I love that you can make it as firm or as soft as you like! Fab idea! 🙂 x

  47. I like the fact that it is adjustable and seems really comfortable, would be great for the OH who is forever moaning about his pillow

  48. I sound like your husband.. so fussy about pillows!!
    I like that you can control how firm the pillow is, and I think it would also stay cooler than normal pillows.

    @smeethsaysfashn on twitter.

  49. I have never heard of a pillow like this before but what a great idea, I have problems with my spine and have had a spinal fusion 3 years ago but i was warned that the rest of my spine will start to fall apart, so a pillow like this would take the pressure off of my neck and spine.

  50. Jennifer Rhymer

    This looks great, I love the fact that you can leave the water in it for up to a whole year without the need to change it! This pillow sounds fantastic!

  51. I’ve never heard of anything like this before but it sounds great! My husband has trouble sleeping so hoping this would help of I win

  52. I like that you can adjust the firmness to how you like your pillow, also that you can add warm water, great for winter. I’ve not heard or seen these before and they sound just fantastic, would love to try one x

  53. Keeley Atkinson

    I like that because you can empty it, when taking on holiday or anything it won’t take up as much suitcase space as a regular pillow 😀

  54. This looks like it would be great for my partner, he has arthritis and struggles to have a full nights sleep… I would also have to give it a sneaky test though 🙂

  55. Annamarie Riddiford

    What a genius invention. Our pillows are always wrong and we are in search of a new one, I love the fact that it is so ‘adjustable’

  56. Barbara Handley

    It sounds like I am like your husband. I toss and turn trying one pillow then two. I punch and squeeze them but rarely get them how I want them so this pillow sounds ideal. It should have been around a long time ago.

  57. Penelope Hannibal

    I really struggle getting the right firmness for me & tend to sleep badly so I like the fact that it is adjustable 🙂

  58. George Worboys Wright

    I’m like your husband with pillows so would love to try it out for myself. The ability to adjust it is the best feature but I also wonder if it would be cooler than normal pillows – I’d like that too! 😉

  59. Kerry Lethbridge

    Wow really different. I’m an insomniacs and so is my mum so we’d both love to try this. Anything to improve our sleep

  60. Jackie Chapman

    It sounds great! My husband is so fussy about pillows to the point he takes his on holiday with him! I love the way this one can be adjusted to suit!

  61. Chris Williams

    I love the fact that I can use it cold perfect for when I have a migraine and warm for when my neck and top of my shoulders hurt. What a brilliant idea, as when either of these conditions affect me I find it hard to sleep.

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