Meet Colin the Crab

I’ve seen Gone Crabbing clothes and kitchenware before and have always had a little soft spot for that crab, as the image makes me smile. He always looks so happy! So when I heard that they’ve now brought out a pop-up picture book about him, I was unable to resist…!

colin the crab


Colin the Crab Pop-Up Book 

Welcome to the salty world of Colin the Crab who happily lives in his rock pool with his friends Mike the Mussel and Sally the Starfish. All is dyllic until one hot summer’s day his friends are scooped up and put in a bucket leaving him all alone in his rock pool. A sweet tale of life on the beach, friendship and the need to look after all our creatures – – no matter how small.
Beautifully illustrated by the very clever Robert Crowther with 24 amazing pop-ups. A lovely bedtime ready for all those Little Nippers who will fall in love with Colin the Crab.

As it’s a pop-up book, and looking at the cover, I’d thought that this would be one for Little Man. But, having looked through it, I felt that he’s a little too young for it, much to Boo’s delight, of course! There are quite a few words on each page, and the pop up tabs aren’t all that chunky or toddler resistant – he wouldn’t have the attention span and he’d definitely destroy it.

colin the crab book

And so, this is Boo’s book, and I’d say it’s very well-suited to her age (4) as the story can easily be understood and we were able to talk about the message that runs throughout. It’s a story about friendship and a reminder to our little budding scientists that whilst it’s fine to go rock-pooling and exploring, to take good care of the creatures that we may find.

colin the crab book 1

It has either lift the flaps, pop ups or pull tabs on each page, so Boo is eager to do that at every page turn! It’s been nice reading it together when we’re just back from a holiday including beach trips, too, as we talked about our days out again, and about the shells and sea-life that we spotted.

colin the crab reading

It’s a sweet book that builds on and fits in nicely with the brand. And books that ‘do’ things are always popular in our house!

As you can see from the photo, we also received a mug and some Totally Clawsome soap with our book. The soap smells so good! It’s ‘Wild Lettuce’ and has a lovely, fresh scent. And I’m having my morning cuppa out of that mug now, so that the little crab puts a smile on my face every day!

Disclosure: We received the Gone Crabbing bundle pictured FOC for the purposes of this review. All words and opinions remain my own. 

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