Methods Of Checking Local Builder Work History

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When working with local builders, performing a series of checks is necessary. You need to gain a solid understanding of who these entities are. 

After all, poorly finished or incomplete building works can create many problems for the customer. The quality of work performed should always be the priority. If the builder has failed elsewhere, they may fall short with you too. 

Of course, research is something of a skill in its own right. You must approach things correctly to find and work with the best local builders. 

Focusing on the work history of local builders is a good place to begin. Here are some ways you can dig up this information.

Post a Social Media Appeal

Reaching out to your personal network should be the starting point. The responses you get can serve as a basis for further research. 

Post Facebook or Twitter appeals politely, asking your friends and family if they can recommend a builder. Describe the type of builder you need, from the specifics of the build to the temperament you prefer. You could also request that your connections post photographic evidence of the completed work so you can get a sense of the builder’s quality. 

Prolific local builders will have a reputation to uphold and will no doubt have worked with many people in your network. That said, given their local status, they may also be friends with your connections, so don’t necessarily hire these professionals on this basis alone. Further checks should be taken. 

Explore Online Marketplaces

Not all online marketplaces are trustworthy, but some are highly reputable. Once you have the recommendations of loved ones, you should look into these matters a little deeper on these forums. 

Find builders near you with MyBuilder. You’ll be sure to find someone in the area that’s screened and well-reviewed and provides a high-quality construction service. Simply tell them about your job, and suitable builders in London will be notified. You’ll get responses and quotes from them, and you can choose who you wish to work with and browse their work histories in more depth with these resources. 

Perhaps you could cross reference these findings with those your network provided? After all, local builders will endeavour to be listed favourably by these resources. If they’re not there, or you discover findings that contradict your network’s glowing recommendations, then the extra checks you performed could help you swerve working with a less capable builder.

Pay a Visit

Sometimes, you need to see good work to believe it. If your network has recommended a local builder that’s of upstanding repute elsewhere, then you may be able to schedule a visit to the home of your friend or family member. Ask them politely if you might visit and see whatever their recommended builder has constructed.

While some people are quick to judge their friends regarding the state of their homes, you must keep your mission in mind during your visit, judging the builder’s work. Are there any cracks and crevices left behind? Did they clean up after themselves? Do the dimensions, specifications, and materials used appear correct to you? When you’re standing in the space for yourself, you may spot things your connection hasn’t and gain a better feel for the quality of work.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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