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We were recently delighted to receive a bath-time travel set of miamoo products to put through it’s paces! The miamoo naturally good range caters for both adults and children, and was founded by Saira Khan, after she had suffered for many years with dry skin herself. You can read the full story here, along with her findings on the key chemicals to avoid.

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Both Boo and Little Man have had sensitive skin since birth, prone to drying out and rashes, and I’d say Little Man’s has been a little worse than Boo’s ever was. I have to be very careful with the bath products that I use, any creams that I apply and I always choose sensitive/no fragrance baby wipes. Knowing that all of miamoo’s products are natural and no tears made me very keen to try them.

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The range just looks so enticing, doesn’t it! I love the logo and the little cow images, and every product name and description sounds wonderful. From Boo’s point of view at this stage, she loved that she could have the clear zip-bag that they came in to play with, and was very excited about the waffle facecloth that came with it – the girl loves a flannel!

The children have a bath every evening, and it’s a part of the day that they love. However, I am aware that water can be quite drying on their delicate skin, so I was particularly interested in the 3 steps skin care regime that Saira recommends.

1 – Exfoliating Wash (using fresh locks shampoo, splashy wash for body and bath and spritz & wipe)

2 – Moisturise (using huggy lotion and cheeky cream)

3 – Massage (using baba oil)

As simple, yet as effective, as that.

miamoo bath range

The splashy wash smelled gorgeous as the bubbles started to build and felt lovely in the water. The bubbles didn’t last very long, though it should be pointed out that they were in a bath with two very active and vigorous children! The fresh locks shampoo, smelling of lavender and also with Aloe vera, jojoba, soya bean, rosemary, silk and vitamin E in, makes Little Man’s hair soft and silky, and I just keep sniffing him after his baths! Unfortunately for Boo, it made her hair matted and tangled, so wasn’t as successful. She has got very thick hair, though, like mine, so I wasn’t surprised as mine would have done the same. If I just had Little Man, I would look to buy this again, as it’s lovely for him, but as I’ve the two of them, I’ll stick to a shampoo that works well for the pair of them instead.

It was the after bath products that really made this range for me. ‘Would you like me to put some more huggy lotion on you?’ is now a phrase that I hear from Boo several times daily! She loves it on her skin, and also likes to share the huggy lotion love and administer it to everyone around her! I admit, I’m not averse to this, as you’ll understand when you read it’s description.. ‘Crammed with orange flower water, sweet almond oil, marshmallow extract, wheat protein, silk and jojoba seed oil providing intensive moisturisation throughout the day. Easily absorbed into the skin leaving it silky soft to the touch.’ Mmm, yes, please! And it absolutely does leave it silky soft, and no signs of any adverse skin reactions on either children (or me, and I do have a tendency to breakout in a rash or itch with certain skin products).

It was great on Little Man’s skin, which is quite bumpy and dry, but it soaks in really quickly, and he is happy to stay still and have it applied..

Little Man and huggy lotionAnd then Boo basically jumps about asking for hers each night now, too! (she actually brought it to me at 7am this morning, offering to squirt some onto my arm as I lay there summoning the energy to move!)

applying huggy lotion

And then to the third step, massage, which is wonderful using the baba oil. When Little Man was a baby, we went along to baby massage classes. It wasn’t something I’d done with Boo, as I knew she wasn’t the sort of baby to allow it!, but Little Man is a whole different story, and loves a soothing massage. Now, I’m not saying you have to carry out baby massage instructions to use this, just smooth it into your children’s skin, but for me, it’s been an opportunity to get back to massaging my son, and we’ve both been enjoying it. The baba oil is ‘formulated with sweet almond , sesame seed, lavender oils and vitamin E, to nourish, moisturise, protect and heal dry skin.’ It glides on smoothly, soaks in easily and softens beautifully. No photos of this stage, I’m afraid, as it’s a strictly lights dimmed, relaxing time, but rest assured, he likes it!

We’ve enjoyed miamoo products, and we will be buying the huggy lotion and the baba oil again, as they are improving their skin and both children like having them applied. I’ve also a discount for my readers so that you, too, can give the range a try. For a 10% discount off full priced items, just type in ‘Blog13’ at the miamoo checkout.

You can find miamoo on Twitter, and over on Facebook now, and as if that’s not enough, I have a give-away! I have the fabulous multi-purpose miamoo spritz & wipe available to give-away to not one, but 4 of my readers! Yes, there are 4 of them up for grabs, so enter your details into the rafflecopter to be in with a chance of winning one. It’s open to UK residents only, and ends at midnight on 6th April 2014 – good luck all!

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Disclosure: I was sent a miamoo travel set free of charge for the purposes of this review, but as always, all words and opinions remain my own. 

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  1. Fab, fab review, love how the pampering has become a bedtime ritual too, we’re the same with the baby massage oil here-in fact I use it on me too! Sound like fab products, thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m on the look out for products better suited to my children’s skin type and these sound great. My son suffers with excema on his arms so I’m loathe to use chemicals on his skin x

    1. Oh, yes, I would recommend them then. My son’s skin gets dry through the winter with the heating on etc. and gets little bumps all over it, but this is helping, and not causing any adverse reactions at all.

    1. It is great. My skin is sensitive, so I wasn’t surprised my pair are prone to it, too. Glad Monkey escaped x

  3. I’d never heard of Miamoo before but it sounds great. My little girl has really sensitive skin so we struggle to find products that work for her. This definitely sounds like something we could try. #TriedTested

  4. The baba oil would be my favourite to try as my son loves a massage with oil after his nightly bath and it keeps any dry skin at bay.

  5. It is great. 2 of my children have skin that is sensitive, they also have travel size which is a fantastic idea.

  6. Fantastic for sensitive skin and to protect all skin. i love using ranges that can be used by all the family

  7. lindsey stuart

    I have never heard of these goodies before!
    They sound really good and soothing for little ones skin!
    My little girl has sensitive skin and i would like to try these lotions 🙂

  8. Splashy wash as my skin is eczema-prone and I have allergies to certain preservatives in a lot of products on the market

  9. The Huggy lotion – sounds so soothing, and as it helps with itchy skin would be great in this house

  10. Great idea to have them as travel sized bott;es as us parents do leave the house! I’m most intrigued to try the massage oil. Its not something we’ve considered before.

  11. the cheeky cream 🙂 i have 2 very young girls 3 months and 14 months so this would be perfect them 🙂

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