Michelin’s Living Total Performance Campaign

Since having the kids, car safety has become more important to me. I’ve also now got more responsibility for looking after a car and making choices with it, as I previously had a company car and all servicing and repairs were carried out for me  – oh, that was all so easy! Fortunately, I know a man who can (my dad owns a garage – hooray!).

Now, I’m not going to claim to tell you that I give loads of time and thought to my tyres, though what I would say is that as the daughter of a mechanic, I do pay attention to them as a driver. I periodically check the tread and I do get the pressure checked. I used to do a lot of miles as a commuter, and though I do less now, I transport my children and their safety is paramount. So tyre safety matters.

When Michelin got in touch with me recently to share their latest initiative, I was initially struck by how strongly their brand is imprinted in my mind. I mean, who doesn’t know the Michelin Man? The company have been going for over 100 years now in the UK and remain a leader in their field.

Michelin have recently launched their Living Total Performance campaign. They are constantly striving to improve their understanding of driving usage, and have now started to work with a live ‘driving lab’ by testing out the driving of 3,000 ordinary people across Europe, in a bid to study the results to develop total performance tyres. The video tells us more…

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