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Boo turned 5 last week, and has now been at school for a few weeks. Both of these things led me to feel that she needed a scooter in her life. Every child seems to have one at her school, and every child seems to have so much fun on theirs! Her primary school also runs a Golden Ticket scheme encouraging the kids to go to school on a bike or a scooter, to get them exercising daily. Each time that they do so, they hand in a ticket which then goes into a prize draw, which I think’s a great idea. So a scooter, yes, but which one? Having chatted to a few friends, Micro Scooters was the name that kept popping up, so it was to Micro Scooters that I turned.

The Micro Scooters UK story starts with a mum spotting the potential of a Mini Micro Scooter in a playground over a decade ago, and my, how it grew from that moment on! You can read the full story here of Anna and Philippa, who run the business. Suffice to say that personally, I don’t get through a single school run without seeing a dozen of these, usually a fair few more!

On popping over to the website, there are so many scooter options available, I wasn’t too sure where to start. But, help is at hand, as as well as being able to shop by model, type and age, there are also useful guides on there, such as learning how to choose between a 2 or 3 wheeled scooter. I opted for a 3 wheeled Maxi Micro Scooter for Boo and absolutely loved the idea of the ‘Create Your Own‘ option.

The Create Your Own section allows you to select from either a 3in1 Scooter (for ages 1-3, from £94.95), a Mini Scooter (for ages 3-6, from £74.95) or a Maxi Scooter (for ages 6-12, from £124.95). With Boo turning 5, and a tall and energetic 5, we thought the Maxi would suit us best, as it should now last her for a long time. Once you select your model, you can choose from a wide range of colours for each of the handle grips, the stem, the deck and the mud guard. It’s so easy to do, so do go have a play and you can then see for yourself. As we wanted it to be a surprise for Boo, we designed it together on the premise that we were just playing a game. She didn’t suspect a thing, after she put together her dream scooter…

create your own micro scooter

She was happy and popped off to do something else, no doubt entirely forgetting about it within 5 minutes! I was happy, too, as pink and yellow are both of our favourite colours, and I hoped it would look as good as it did on the screen. Mooching about the website, I really liked the amount of information and options on there. For example, there’s a blog with things like buying guides, scooter safety, school schemes and more, and on the main website I do like the revamp section, where we can get new components as and when we want them.

I was so impressed then with the speed of service we received, especially considering that we were ‘creating our own’. Boo created on Thursday after school, and it was delivered on the following Monday. It was also a delivery that kept me well-informed, advising me of the date in advance, and then on the day, I received a text with a one hour time slot for delivery, and it arrived at the exact minute that the time slot opened – very good! It’s free delivery on over £50 spends. It came in a box covered with a dark plastic bag, with no hints given to any little present searchers as to what it might contain!

On opening the box, I’d expected a certain level of self-assembly, particularly as we’d created it ourselves. I assumed the components we’d been able to choose would all be in there separately ready for the Husband to put together. But no, again they impressed me..

micro scooter

It comes in just two pieces, and I didn’t need the Husband or any tools! You simply push the stem into the deck until you hear the click, and it’s done, all ready to go. That’s my kind of toy! I then thought, ah, maybe we’ll need to adjust the height of the handle bars, so I’ll let the Husband do that bit. Nope, turns out there’s a little lever just under the T bar that you pull out, and you can then move the bar up and down to get your required position, then just click back into place. Too easy!

So assembly complete, we were off to meet Boo at school with the birthday surprise, which I wrote about in more detail yesterday. It’s safe to say that it was an immediate hit, as she was off and away within seconds!

Boo scooting

It is going to be so handy for school runs, as she’s been asking lately for us to park closer and closer to the school so that she walks less, whereas I like us to park a fair old distance away to get a bit of exercise and to get her used to at least walking part of the way, building up to walking the whole way at some point and ditching the car altogether. I’ve a feeling that she’ll now be asking to park a long, long way from school so she can scoot that bit further! It’s a great way to get some of her endless energy burned up!

This has been a fabulous birthday gift, and with Christmas just around the corner now, it’d be a great present for kids. It’s been a huge hit here, and I suspect we’ll be getting one for Little Man come Christmas, as he can’t get enough of it either. I’m really liking the Special Edition T Bar Lollipop ranges for him (£59.95), as the colour combinations are just gorgeous!


I admit that when I first started looking into scooters, I was surprised by the price differences out there and I wasn’t too sure why Micro Scooters were the ones that people were advising me to look at. Now that we have one, I do understand. They are lightweight, yet feel well made and sturdy. They handle so well, and are nice and fast for Boo to whizz along on and be excited by, and then on the other hand, Little Man, at just turned 2, is already scooting about on this as it’s so easy to use and not as clompy as the one Boo had as a toddler. Time will tell, of course, but I can see this getting daily use for years to come, and being robust enough to stand up to all of that scooting. In addition to the product itself, the service, range available and ease of assembly gain it plenty of brownie points from me.

This has been so well-received here, and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Disclosure: I received a Maxi Micro Scooter FOC for the purposes of this review, but all words and opinions remain my own. And in the interests of safety, Boo does normally wear a helmet when scooting. 

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33 thoughts on “Micro Scooter Review”

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  2. The scooter sounds great. I love the last photo so much fun! My two are very fond of their scooters at the moment. Gets kids outside and mobile. Love it. Great review. #triesttested

    1. It’s really good, I’m so impressed with it. Of course, it seems we now have to buy one for Little Man..!

  3. What a great review, I am on the look out for a scooter for my daughter for Christmas as she is wanting a good quality one to ride to school on, and this brand looks perfect! 🙂 #TriedTested

  4. I’m a fan of Micro Scooters-my son has one, although he still finds it quite tricky to use. I think he hasn’t quite got the hang of steering 🙂
    I love the idea that you can design your own colour combination, but to be honest I think I’d like to do that for myself as much as for the children!

  5. Oh, we love Micro Scooters here too! The people there are super helpful when we’ve bought spares for any of ours. The twins are still on their Mini Micros at the moment (despite being only a day younger than Boo!) but I’m going to have to start a fund for when they need Maxis – I can’t imagine buying anything else now! #TriedTested

    1. No, I think once you’ve found them, you’ll always stick with them, as they are just great. Good to hear you’ve had good experiences with them, too. And happy belated birthday to the twins then! x

  6. Bless her she looks thrilled! We got Chloe a scooter as a reward for staying dry but it was only a cheapie as I wasn’t sure how much she’d use it – turns out she loves it so I think we might have to invest in better ones next year!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

    1. She loves it! We had one for Boo when she was little, but this one is just so much better, and well worth investing in, I feel. Thanks for hosting x

  7. They sounds fabulous – we are looking at getting Jessica a scooter so will have to look into these. Love the photos of Boo on her new scooter – she looks like she is having a wonderful time 🙂

  8. I wish we had more places to scoot, as ive got an adult scooter and I’d love to upgrade N to one of the micro scooters. But we have gravel at home, and there’s no pavements near us, so it needs a trip to the park in town. He would love one, and I like how light they are compared with others

    1. Oh, that must be frustrating, especially as you have one, too. They are really light, and steer so well. My two scoot around the house – is that an option?!

  9. We absolutely LOVE microscooters, I think of all the things we have bought for the kids they have been the most used and best value for money. I’m quite tempted to get one for myself! Love the colours you chose, the ‘create your own’ option looks brilliant 🙂

    1. Yes, why not – they’re fab?! They are great value for money, and the create your own option just takes the excitement to the next level!

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