MOOSOO K17U cordless vacuum cleaner in action

MOOSOO Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review & Giveaway

I received the vacuum free of charge for the purposes of this review

Today I want to share with you my MOOSOO Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner review, and give one of you the chance to win one for yourself.

MOOSOO K17U cordless vacuum cleaner in action

When MOOSOO got in touch with me, I was keen to give this a try. Anything that might make housework easier has always got to be worth a try, hasn’t it?

My first thoughts were that it would be handy for the stairs. I can’t be the only one who hates cleaning the stairs, can I? Every week I vacuum downstairs a few times, upstairs weekly and then those stairs…whenever I can summon up the enthusiasm for it!

MOOSOO K17U cordless vacuum cleaner on stairs

I then started thinking that it might be handy for nooks and crannies, when pulling along my corded vacuum can get a bit cumbersome.

Keen to give this a try, I awaited my new appliance, which arrived in a small compact box. Let me share a little more about it with you.

MOOSOO K17U cordless vacuum cleaner

MOOSOO Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Features:

– 24K/8K Powerful Suction

– 250W Brushless Motor

– 12/30 Mins Running Time

– 1.2L Large Dust Cup

– 4.5 hours Charging Time

– Less 72db Sound-level

– 4 LED Indicator Lights

– Telescopic Metal Tube

– Removable Washable components

It is worth going and checking out all of the details of the MOOSOO Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner yourself.

It was easy to unpack and put together. The box included straightforward instructions, so it was all ready within a few minutes. The battery pack was then popped on to charge.

The battery pack just clips and unclips from the handle of the vacuum cleaner so that you can plug it into any convenient socket when you need to charge it and then pop it back on the handle. You can see from the picture below how small it is, so it is a handy feature.

MOOSOO K17U battery pack

The vacuum cleaner comes with 3 key attachments. You can use the full suction cleaner to vacuum your floors, hard and carpeted, and then use the other two attachments pictured here for smaller spaces. 

MOOSOO K17U attachments

You can use it in various ways, so you can pop those attachments on at the end of the extendable stick, or directly to the main power unit. This is super handy and I like the versatility. 

The main unit itself is just a trigger button to operate and there is also a small button allowing you to turn the suction power up and down. 

MOOSOO K17U cordless vacuum cleaner with short attachment

My MOOSOO Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

Firstly, I must say that this is the first cordless stick vacuum cleaner that I have used, so I have nothing to compare it to. But I am used to cleaning and I can tell you that this is more than up to the job.

It is very light, and easy to operate. I think this is it’s real selling point for me. It moves around very easily, whichever attachment you are using, and the main head swivels as you push. If you are on the lookout for a lightweight cleaner, you can’t go far wrong with one of these. 

I have to say, even on the highest suction power, it felt to me when I first used it like it had no real ‘oomph’ as it glided along and I doubted it was doing anything, but I was very wrong as you can see. 

MOOSOO K17U cordless vacuum cleaner dust in chamber

It collected this dust up in no time and I have to admit there is a real satisfaction in seeing it all in there. It is simple to empty, I just opened up the end of the unit and popped it straight into the bin. Which does bring up another plus point for this, no need to buy bags. 

This is brilliant for cleaning the stairs, just as I had hoped. I use the stick attachment directly attached to the main unit and start at the top and whizz down. It is so much faster than it was before and I do think this does a better job.

It is also great for cleaning the tops of skirting boards, walls and light fittings. It is brilliant for getting into tight spaces, there is nowhere you can’t get to with one of these. 

I haven’t yet replaced our usual vacuum with this, but I am now at the point where I wouldn’t want to be without this too. The two make a great combination, I feel like every base is covered. As I use this more and more, over time, I may fully transition over to just this, but for now I have this one stored upstairs and use it for up there, the stairs and ‘dusting’ type tasks. It makes everything so much easier and faster and I am now wondering why I didn’t get one of these years ago! 

Competition Time!

Now is your chance to win one of these for yourself. To be in with a chance, enter using the rafflecopter below. This competition is open to over 18s UK entrants only, and closes at 12am 16th April 2021. Good luck!

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What do you like about the MOOSOO Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner?

Disclosure: I received the vacuum free of charge for the purposes of this review

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426 thoughts on “MOOSOO Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review & Giveaway”

  1. Beverley Michelle Cousins

    The filtration system is excellent and the maneuverability is brilliant, especially when the 5 grandchildren sleep over on the weekends, i need something light that i can pull out quickly with the mess they leave lol

    1. I love that it allows you to get to awkward places with ease and without compromising on dust removal.

    1. I love its lightweight and cordless and red is my favourite colour! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. What I like best about it is the fact that it has a long running time so I would imagine that I could do the whole house without having to recharge part way through.

  3. Amazing thank you! I love that it’s cordless and so small! I live in a tiny 18 metre squares so that would be perfect to store!!!

  4. Would love a vacuum cleaner that is quick to go for small jobs, rather than going to the effort of unravelling the cord and plugging in.

  5. Sharon Saunders

    I love the fact that this is cordless – my current vacuum is a nightmare to use on our stairs so this would be amazing.

  6. melanie stirling

    I like that it is light. My vacuum is very heavy and as I am in constant pain, vacuuming is a very painful experience for me.

  7. The filtration system looks great, which is important here as we have allergies! I love the fact it’s light and portable! Would be great for those little messes, or on the stairs – which is such a pain with a corded hoover, especially when you’re having to heft it upstairs lol

  8. I would love how light and portable it is, as well as being cordless. Also, no bags. One of my most hated chores, (besides cleaning out the chicken coop) is vacuuming. My hoover is old and heavy.

  9. sarah swainsbury

    There’s no wires for hubby to trip over while he’s doing the housework, it’ll be nice and safe for him ?

  10. I like that it is cordless and it looks really simple and easy to use. I like that it can hoover up in tight smaller places which will be really useful and helpful for me as I like to make sure all the small hard to reach places have been hoovered up properly aswell.

  11. What I like about this particular vaccum cleaner is that it looks nice and compact and easy to use. The colour is great also.

  12. Being lightweight and versatile is really appealing. I prefer to use cleaners as hand-held for stairs and spot cleaning around the front and back doors and litter trays. This looks particularly good for those jobs.

  13. I am not from the UK I am in the US. But this looks like a great idea. Cordless and power to do the areas you can’t get with a big vacuum. Great idea.

  14. I like that it is supposed to have really good suction! And that it’s lightweight.
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  15. I like that it is light and cordless. We have a slightly curved staircase with carpet on it that can be tricky to hoover, but this would do the job well.

  16. Being light and cordless appeals to me as I find dragging a heavy machine hard these days. Getting into all the nooks and crannies is a bonus too

  17. I like that it’s cordless and lightweight. It would be so easy for doing the stairs and we have 3 staircases! My little hand held vac is really old and tired and it takes such a long time to clean. It’s ready to be retired!

  18. The weight, not having to lug a cylinder vac up and down the stairs and balance precariously would be very welcome.

  19. I love that I’d be able to keep a cordless, lightweight hoover upstairs to suck up all the cat hair without having to lump a great huge hoover up and down the stairs!!

  20. I love that it is cordless as this would be brilliant to help me with the stairs, the car, awkard areas!

  21. A light and versatile vac is just what I’m looking for. I especially like that it’s got some “oomph” as you say 🙂

  22. It’s portable to easily clean the stairs and quickly blitz the kitchen each day without having to get the big vacuum out

  23. I love the fact that it’s lightweight and can change into a small handheld. It would be great for keeping in our spare bedroom where my wife does all her crafts and sewing. It’s a real pain lugging the hoover up and down stairs every time she wants to work in there!

  24. Lorraine Tinsley

    I love that it is cordless, my current vacuum can be really annoying as I have to come downstairs to unplug it and walk back up. It looks like it’s stronger than my current vacuum.

  25. Nicola Godfrey

    The fact that it’s cordless sounds amazing! No more pulling the cord to try and reach of the corner of my lounge. Lol.

  26. The versatility of it, easy to move around with no cords to move, + light wight & Removable Washable components.

  27. Jenny McClinton

    I like that it is cordless and can reach into areas where it is harder with a normal corded vacuum, it would be great for hoovering the stairs and for little messes until a big hoover.

  28. I really like that it looks light weight and easy to use. I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and doing simple things like vacuuming just kills my back and hip 🙁

  29. Mark Fridlington

    I like the fact that the MOOSOO Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner can make vacuuming the stairs easier, instead of having to lug around a big heavy vacuum cleaner like I do at present.

  30. The mystery of its ‘Suck’-cess is how this is the top selling ‘cordless’ yet it doesn’t take the ‘lead’

  31. Cordless and lightweight is a bonus for me as i suffer with back problems so this would be wonderful for doing the bedroom and stairs

  32. That it is cordless and has removable washable pieces! Also the fact that it will pick stuff up unlike our useless hoover ?

  33. Cordless sounds like an amazing feature – would love to try one as I get fed up dragging my corded one up 2 flights of stairs!

  34. I love that it is so versatile. Most vacuums are good at one or two things and are a faff for others. This one seems to have it all covered.

  35. I love the fact that you said it is easy to empty. My cordless is really hard to empty and seems to “cling on” to the dust. I usually have to pick it all out by hand.

  36. I like that it’s easily manoeuvrable so I can do the stairs without having to worry whether the plug will reach

  37. Susan Willshee

    I like that it is light and would be easy to manipulate on the stairs. I’m constantly worried that I’m going to trip over my heavy corded vac when I’m trying to clean the stairs. I’m like you, I leave the stairs as long as I possibly can!

  38. Christine Williams

    I love that it puts an end to constantly plugging and unplugging just to get the whole house vacuumed. And I bet it’s a dream for doing the stairs.

  39. I like the fact it’s cordless, it’s easy to please me lol! It will make vacuuming the stairs a little less arduous xx

  40. Lorraine Williams

    Son has asked for one for his Uni flat. Great that it is cordless so perfect for the stairs in their old house, especially as he is on the top floor!

  41. Victoria Prince

    I love the versatility! It looks as if it would tackle any (vacuuming) job, and it also looks really easy to use.

  42. I like how light it sounds! Mine is really heavy so I struggle to move it around and get it up and down the stairs.

  43. I like how it is cordless, makes it easier to quickly clean up localised areas like from messy eaters!

  44. I love that I’d be able to hoover my stiars without having to stop half way and moving where hoovers plugged in

  45. Christina Curtis

    The Powerful Suction sounds ideal with a toddler that mushes food into the carpet and a dog that loses so much hair on a daily bases we really need something with real OOOOMF!

  46. Janie-Fleur Matcham

    i like that it is light and easy to put together mine is so heavy. I like the sound of the The filtration system mine gives off dust. In fact there is a lot i like about it thank you for an informative review

  47. Would be so convenient to just quickly do the stairs and especially good for quickly going over the settee and the kitchen floor

  48. I had a terrible experience with this vacuum cleaner. It never worked they said they were going to send me replacement parts and they never did. The customer service was a horrible

  49. Functional and stylish. Love that it’s cordless therefore it’s less of a tripping hazard, no annoying plug ins in three separate rooms and I could take this out and clean the car too. After using paper bags in the past I also appreciate the clear view so I know when it’s full.

  50. I love the modern, colourful design, and the fact it is cordless means you can easily take it to places in and around the home, where a corded vac struggles to reach!

  51. Christina Palmer

    Versatility Being cordless and light. Living in a town house with lots of stairs this would make cleaning so much easier.

  52. Victoria Polson

    I love that it’s cordless and lightweight. With two young children and a giant dog, there’s often small spills and mess to clean up and getting out the big vaccum cleaner every time can be a hassle. This would also be brilliant for doing the stairs and upstairs rooms.

  53. it sounds like it would be perfect for day to day whip rounds and you’d only need an occasional deeper vacuum, I’m a cleaner and keep my dyson in the boot of the car so its a right flaff to use, and it would be a lot easier to delegate a clear up to a teenager with a nippy little quick one.

  54. Rachael Simmons

    The running time for me, I currently have the hoover of nightmares which takes about a day to charge and literally lasts from full charge about…. 2 minutes? Maybe 3 at a push?

  55. Alice lightning

    It’s super light cordless and quick and easy to clean up with x very handy if you have arthritis in your hands and hips like myselfyx???

  56. It’s light and easy to operate; also you can grab it from the understairs cupboard and whizz round with it in the time it takes to get the old heavy one out of the cupboard, unwind the cable, plug it in and drag it to where needs cleaning. Love the tools and the handheld one too for the stairs and the car (hubby’s job).

  57. Nicola Marshall

    I love that it’s lightweight & portable. It would be easy for the kids to do their own rooms too.x

  58. It’s great that it’s cordless and bagless – the fact that it’s lightweight too is a big plus point for me.

  59. The fact that is is cordless makes it versatile and convenient to use, I would consider this to be its best feature as I am forever getting tangled up with my electric cable and it getting stuck round furniture.

  60. Victoria Bazley

    The fact you can vacuum the stairs without having to drag the cord and the machine up with you. Light and easy.

  61. Penny Hajiantoni

    I like that it’s lightweight and I love the attachments for different cleaning jobs, especially the stairs.

  62. I love the fact that it’s both lightweight and cordless allowing me to pick it up and move it easily between rooms as required.

  63. I am the same as you, I absolutely dread having to do the stairs. My favourite feature is that it’s cordless. After a day of 2 messy boys and a cat, my floors are in desperate need of a good hoover and I love the idea that I can just grab it and go with no messing about. I also really like the look of the charger. It’s so small and handy.

  64. Richard Claydon-Park

    I am very enthusiastic about this cleaner because, in addition to the normal uses for a vacuum cleaner, I think it will be perfect for dusting our plantation shutters, which, while versatile in controlling light (and privacy) are a real faff to dust.

  65. Having to carry an upright vacuum up the stairs and clean each step by holding onto the body of the vacuum because the hose attachment is not powerful enough, not with this! 🙂

  66. I like the fact that it is compact and cordless, the opposite of my current vacuum cleaner . Would make cleaning easier

  67. I love that it’s light, that it’s cordless, that it’s easy to empty, that it works really well on the stairs, I could go on… ;)!!

  68. This would be fantastic for me, I have severe COPD and with this being lightweight and having a powerful suction, I wouldn’t get so out of breath using it, like I do when using my heavy useless vacuum cleaner!!

  69. Jacqueline Simmons

    I love the versatility from carpet to hard floors and it would make cleaning the staircase a breeze with it having no cord.

  70. love its portability and ease to use, perfect for my aging Dad who still struggles with an old cylinder upright and has a torrid time with the stairs

  71. The fact that it is cordless wins me over straight away, with so many obstacles around the house being tethered to the mains is always a pain.

  72. That it’s lightweight. It’s bad enough having to vacuum the house but lugging around a heavy bulky chunky chorded vacuum makes you feel like you’re doing a workout on top of the chores – no thank you!!

  73. I love that it’s a cordless vacuum. I hate how my vacuum’s cable gets stuck in places every time I use it.

  74. My favourite thing about the MOOSOO Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is that it is so light. It would be so much easier than having to carry or pull around a heavy normal vacuum cleaner.

  75. Jeanette Chalmers

    I like that it is so light and easy to take all over the house. I have to get my sons to lift my current vacuum cleaner upstairs for me.

  76. Love the fact it is so light with no cord trip hazard. Both essential qualities needed for elderly ladies like me! At 73 I have to have someone else carry the vac upstairs as its too heavy

  77. I love that its light and cordless, would definitely make hoovering much easier than it currently is trying to manoeuvre around a toddler a baby and two cats!

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