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Moving to Dusseldorf Germany

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Moving to any city can be nerve-wracking as it can be hard to try and get a feel for any area that you don’t know. If you are looking to move to Dusseldorf, you may not know where to start apartment hunting. 

Read on for the lowdown on what Dusseldorf has to offer.

Friedrichstadt, Altstadt & Stadtmitte

These areas are all about shopping, drinking and dining. You will find the biggest choice for bars and restaurants here. Despite the fact that they are all fairly urban areas, the Rhine is relatively close by. Young couples and students tend to populate these areas. There isn’t much need for public transport as most residents here walk everywhere, which is just as well as parking can be a struggle.

Unterbilk, Bilk & Medienhafen 

These are the young, trendy, urban areas. They are home to a selection of more boutique options in shopping and dining. Bilk is also home to the most popular weekly flea market in the city. This area is favoured by the young and hip. They are only a short distance from the city centre with a 10 – 15 minute ride on a tram or a bike. 

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Oberbilk is one of the more affordable options in Dusseldorf. It has excellent transport links to the city thanks to the nearby train station. Oberbilk is also home to an international crowd reflected in the cuisine such as Japanese, Greek and Turkish, to name but a few. Therefore, it is ideal for those looking for low-budget rental opportunities.

Gerresheim, Grafenberg & Dusseltal 

These areas lean heavily into a greener environment. Near to the largest forest in Dusseldorf and even the local zoo, there is plenty of greenery. They are well connected to the rest of the city via trams meaning they are still easily accessible. The rent around these areas covers a wide range.

Golzheim, Oberkassel, Niederkassel, Pempelfort & Derendorf 

These are all relatively close to the city centre. They constitute some of the best-kept secrets in Dusseldorf, such as gardens along the Rhine and cosy restaurants. That being said, because the area is so chic, the rent is often on the pricier side.

Eller, Vennhausen, Lierenfeld & Unterbach

Eller is the most well connected to the city out of them all. However, they are all extremely popular with families, and so they make up a lot of the communities in these places. They are all mostly more affordable than other more central locations too.

Kaiserwerth, Kalkum, Wittlaer & Angermund

These areas are where many of the more affluent international families settle as they are the closest to the international schools in Dusseldorf. They offer a mixture of residential and green areas. They also offer far more options when it comes to larger flats with more bedrooms. These districts are perhaps some of the only ones where it is worth having a car although there are transport links too.

Hopefully, the above breakdown of neighbourhoods will be helpful for those looking at renting in Dusseldorf.

In Conclusion

Moving is a stressful time, although when moving internationally, the stress is magnified. Choosing the right neighbourhood is vital, so do your research and choose wisely.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post


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