Mrs Hinch Has Given Me The Cleaning Bug

If you’re reading this and haven’t a clue what I am talking about, let me enlighten you. Mrs Hinch has an Instagram account where she cleans. Yep, that’s it, she cleans. It’s her Instastories that share all of her tips and show her cleaning each day. And now Mrs Hinch has given me the cleaning bug.

It’s hard to explain the attraction, but clearly I’m not alone as she is so enormously popular. Some products that she recommends are either sold out or really difficult to get hold of, so you just know there’s lots of people out there following her and trying her tips, her #HinchArmy. I followed her a couple of weeks ago when she was really starting to blow up on Instagram, at that point she had 169k followers. As I write this, she has over 600k followers and she was on This Morning last week – so yes, she’s growing quickly!

Whilst the majority of people I spot on social media are either embracing this or ignoring it, I have been surprised by the people knocking it. Where’s the harm in this one? There are people saying that is is impacting positively on their mental health and then there are thousands of us with cleaner homes. This all seems fine to me. If you’re not interested in cleaning, just don’t bother!

Last week saw me visiting a few shops to stock up on cleaning products. I got this little lot from B&M, Asda, Sainsburys, Poundland and then Amazon for the Pink Stuff which should be arriving here shortly. It’s strange to even be enjoying shopping for cleaning products, it’s usually the book, stationery and candle aisles that get most of my attention, so this is an unexpected change. I also think my little robotic vacuum has contributed to this desire for a lovely, clean home, as it’s out every day doing a great job for me.

Mrs Hinch Has Given Me The Cleaning Bug

My favourite Mrs Hinch tips so far are:

– pop a tumble dryer sheet inside my cushions covers weekly
– put a few drops of zoflora in my mop water
– use soda crystals and white vinegar to clean my drains
– use 1001 Carpet Fresh – how did I not know about this product?
– spray my sofas and bedding with a softener and water mixture daily to freshen it
– keep cleaning products in daily and weekly baskets to make it faster to grab all you need
– zoflora, zoflora and more zoflora!

Now you may already do all of these things. I was not, but I am now very happy doing so.

Mrs Hinch has given me a new lease of life when I’m cleaning. She has actually, miraculously, made me enjoy cleaning. And I know that she’s doing the same for many other people. In fact I mentioned it to a friend last week and she is also enjoying all of Mrs Hinch’s tips and is trying loads of them out. We’ve never had such a happy chat about cleaning our homes! ‘Tis a strange thing, but somehow it is getting people interested and making people smile.

Yep, Mrs Hinch has given me the cleaning bug, so we’ll see how long this love of cleaning lasts. Has she got to you?

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4 thoughts on “Mrs Hinch Has Given Me The Cleaning Bug”

  1. Yep I’m obsessed too!!! I love the lint brush on my sofas, I have a shark vacuum on its way AND this week I want to do my mattresses in bicarbonate soda ????

  2. I am not a big cleaning fan but I do watch Mrs Hinch. She’s fab!
    I have picked up a couple of tips from her. Leaving the loo brush in the toilet with Zoflora in to soak is a brill idea.

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