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Just a quickie from me, before moving on to today’s guest feature. The April book swaps went really well, so thank you to everyone who took part in it. We will have further papery swaps, including another book swap month, coming up, so do keep your eye out for those. And I also wanted to give a shout out about a papery project over at Kat Sighs all about Love Letters. Pop on over and take a look 🙂

So, on to today, and we’re hearing from the rather lovely Louise, who blogs over at At Home with Mrs H...

When Jocelyn contacted me about #BringBackPaper campaign I was more than delighted to take part and show and tell you a little about my Life on Paper.

I have always been a scribbler and my kitchen table is where my daily scribbling begins. I have my Household Binder which lives most of the time next to my coffee cup!

#BackToPaper 006

This houses my daily to do list, weekly meal plans, shopping lists, freezer and larder inventories as well as telephone numbers, house decorating paint colours, books we currently have out from the library and household info such as how to make your own cleaning products for your home! Phew! I also have two sections for the boys, school and children, where I keep copies of holidays, after-school activities and home learning notes. I think I should point out, if your haven’t already noticed, that I am a little OCD!

I have never liked using an electronic diary so have a paper one in my handbag, another plain thing I have personalised, which I update from my house organising calendar.
#BackToPaper 007

I have used the same calendar for about four years. It is by Sandra Boynton and is just the best way for me to keep track of everybody and everything! It even comes with little stickers to highlight entries you make!

As I said, I love to scribble so I have lots of books and journals that I either use or plan to use. I have my daily Journal of Gratitude where I write down something, huge or trivial, which I happen to be grateful for each day.

#BackToPaper 008

The book I drafted this post with is one of my favourites as I embellished it, as I do all of my journals, and I love looking at the colours, images and feeling the textures of the cover. I also use this to draft posts for my blog AtHomeWithMrsH.

#BackToPaper 009

I am a recent convert to sewing so a real novice but I’m really enjoying it so couldn’t resist making myself a project/notebook when I saw some lovely paper craft goodies with a sewing theme!

sewing notes

Only this week I began a gardening journal. Please don’t think I have a mahoosive garden for which I need to retain important records and information. No, I have a small front garden that is north facing and it is looking quite pretty right now so maybe my journal will encourage me to keep taking pictures of its progress and of my adding to it as I go along. This was also an excuse to make the most of an un-used, Cath Kidston notebook!

#BackToPaper 004

I belong to a #PostCircle which was set up by Anna of Miss Beatrix a fantastic blog I discovered last year. So, there is another excuse to acquire and look forward to receiving pretty/cool/funky stationery. I try to write and reply to letters I receive, from my current total of five #happymail pen pals, on a Sunday afternoon. It is a lovely relaxing thing to do and you hopefully have some fun things to share from the previous week.

Here is my box of tricks I keep in the kitchen with some of the things I have already mentioned plus post-it notes, my pink folder where I keep all my #PostCircle letters and my writing goodies including pens of course!

#BackToPaper 002

I also have a cupboard in the kitchen where I keep other useful things like note cards, a pot of pens, more Post-it notes etc!

#BackToPaper 003

So I do hope you have enjoyed seeing my Life on Paper and the fun things I like to do with my journals and notebooks.

Well, how fabulous is all of this? Thanks so much, Louise! You have got me thinking that I need some sort of garden journal now, and you’ve already got me pondering sewing as I love your enthusiasm for your projects. And yes, that would completely justify another journal of some kind, wouldn’t it?! And why, oh why, don’t I have a Household Binder? I want one now….

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4 thoughts on “Mrs H’s Life on Paper #BringBackPaper”

  1. I’m loving the idea of embellishing journals, never thought of doing that but it’s an idea I may ‘borrow’! I’m also impressed with how organised you are – all those lovely journals to sort your life out and document it. Not sure I’m up to stealing that idea though!

  2. I too am totally impressed by the organisation and lovely journals. I would love to be more like this but in reality my life and ideas exist in various notebooks and on scraps of paper 🙂

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