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So now my big baby is at school and my little baby is 2, a toddler. The time is flying by!

Fairy is encouraging mums and dads to make the most of these early years, and the oh-so-soft cuddles we get while we can, as part of their Power of Soft campaign. It’s been on my mind a lot lately, with milestones flying at me left, right and centre!

I vividly recall the first night in hospital with each of my babies, holding them in my arms for most of the night for feeds and snuggles. Neither of them wanted to sleep in their cribs, both wanted mummy cuddles.

I soon got to know Boo, and recognised that she wanted her mum the most when she was tired, ill, or a little bit worried. That’s when she’d ask me for a cuddle. I take every one I can get, as she’s not one to ask very often! I sneak them in when she’s engrossed in watching a film, and she’s always happy to snuggle down onto my lap when we have a book to read. Quiet story-times like this are amongst my very favourite little Boo memories. I know that she’ll soon be reading herself, and be able to immerse herself in magical worlds without needing me to take her there. But we’ll still read together, we’ll still have these moments, as they’re special to us.

Little Man’s a whole different personality. From that very first week of having him with us, I knew he was a cuddler! He’d snooze very happily in my arms, stop crying as soon as he was picked up and cuddled. I loved our evenings when he’d feed and then settle down on me, my little Koala bear, attached to me and sleeping. He runs to me when he’s shy, unsure of new situations, hurt or in need of reassurance. Sometimes he’s happily playing, and he’ll spot me and run over and fling his arms around me for a hug. Yes, I’m hoping these cuddle years last a fair bit longer with my Little Man.

I wonder, with Boo starting school, when the cuddles will stop. I’d like to think that figuratively both of them will always run to me for cuddles, and that whatever’s troubling them, they can share with me in the hope that I can help them make it better, though I know that as they grow, it’s likely to be more complicated things than a scraped knee. Until then, I’m getting in as many soft cuddles as I can with them, and I hope they’ll see them through their school days, safe and secure in the knowledge that mummy will always be there for a cuddle.

Are your little ones all about cuddles?

Disclosure: Post written in collaboration with Fairy, though all words and opinions are my own

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2 thoughts on “Mummy Cuddles”

  1. Mine all still love cuddles! Emma and Alfie in particular will always make time for cuddles. Whether it be just watching something or before they go somewhere, I get a cuddle. Alfie now and I hope for a long time will only got to sleep if he has had his goodnight cuddle from me…he was 9 in June!!

    1. Ah, that is lovely, and reassuring!, to here! I suspect my son will be just the same, and I’ll just have to grab my girl when I can!

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