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Must-Watch YouTube Channels For Happy Mailers

Do you spend much time watching YouTube? Is it somewhere that you think of to go to and get some papery inspiration? If it’s not, today I want to share with you several must-watch YouTube channels for happy mailers, and maybe you will give a few of them a try.

I have a fluid relationship with YouTube. I have a channel here, and when I do make the time to put a video together and share it, I absolutely love it. For example, here’s my pen pal session set up video, one that I really enjoyed filming. 

When I do share, I get lovely comments and feedback from the #bringbackpaper community and I get all inspired to do papery things the minute I finish filming!

I tend to have lots of stationery and snail mail supplies out and around me when I film, so I am then itching to play with them all.

writing set and washi tape

As long time followers will know, I am keen to make more videos this year, so I have spent some time over on YouTube getting a feel for the kinds of things I could do and making lists of the videos that I would like to make.

Whilst doing this, I inevitably disappeared down the YouTube rabbit-hole and found so many channels that I enjoyed watching, so I thought it would be great to share a few of them with you. 

Must-Watch YouTube Channels For Happy Mailers

These YouTube channels are all fun to watch and are sure to inspire you with your snail mail.

Brittany McCowan



The Paper Letter Blog

Ashley Bright Crafts

PenPal Cat

Crafting Vicky


And of course, my channel!

Having watched so many videos from these channels, I am feeling YouTube inspired! New videos will be coming your way soon!

You can subscribe to my channel here so you can see what I get up to.

Do you watch any of these? Or do you have favourites that I absolutely need to go and watch now?!

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4 thoughts on “Must-Watch YouTube Channels For Happy Mailers”

  1. thanks so much for the links to utube. The hubs and I love it. We hardly watch regular TV. we have found so many great music groups to follow. Incredible talent of people we would never connect with. Can’t wait to go over and watch your channel. I totally understand about the tube hole. Its crazy!

  2. I would add Mochibujo, Cat’s Planner, and Rylee Autumn to this list. They all do voiceovers with their penpal videos. They also happen to do BuJo videos, if you’re into that. I think all 3 have soothing voices, so they’re really good to put on in the background as you write your letters.

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