My 5-Step Plan To Getting Fit

I was doing pretty well with this. I was using my Fitbit, watching my calorie intake, enjoying my running. And then we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Harry, and everything pretty much went out of the window. After the first few days of barely sleeping or eating, I needed comfort.

I am a comfort eater. I am a comfort snuggler down, too. When I’m struggling, I want to be in my PJs eating ice cream, shut away from the outside world. I don’t want to be going out exercising and I couldn’t care less about watching what I’m eating.

So now I’m out of the habit again, but I want to get back into it, so these are my plans to kick start it:

1. Get out every day with the kids over the holidays. We’ve had some very busy days, but also some lazy days. When I’m doing the school run twice a day, I don’t really notice that I’m moving about, but comparing that level of activity to our playing around the house days and I’m looking very sloth-like indeed! The children are always happier having a run about, too, so we’ll be getting out every day now, even if it’s just a walk around the area. The kids like to play a nature-spotting game whilst we walk about, so they’re always content to get out.

2. Attack the gardening and housework with gusto. If we are at home more, I can get more done around here, including a redecorating project we’ve got coming up. All of it should help tone me up and make sure I am burning calories as I work.

3. Go running. I enjoy this when I do it, it’s just actually doing it. Running clubs aren’t for me, as I like the isolation and freedom in running, and I need to be able to just go whenever I have the time and the Husband’s around to watch the kids. I’ve been looking at Kiqplan, as they have a range of motivational and supportive apps to get me back into it. The question is whether I go for the 5k or 10k (here and here if you’re iTunes) – probably best to start small!

I Am Running

4. Keep a food diary. My Fitbit dashboard enables me to do this, and handily has a lot of the calories already programmed in, so I can just list food eaten and it works it all out for me. Actually logging things down like this makes me stop and think about what I’m eating.

5. Stop buying evening snack food. This is my snacking downfall! I don’t bother that much throughout the day, as I’m usually busy. But of an evening, once I finish work and sit down with the Husband to watch a film or settle into a book, I want a snack. I’m pretty sure that I’m not actually hungry at this point, though we do eat our tea early as we like to all eat together as a family. But even then, it’s habit that has us eating, rather than needing to eat. So I will stop buying snacks, which also saves us a little money, win win!

What would your top, easy tips be to getting fit and losing a few pounds?

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Kiqplan

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8 thoughts on “My 5-Step Plan To Getting Fit”

  1. Good luck with getting fit again!
    I’ve found the small changes have made a difference for me; gradually taking less sugar in my coffee, reducing portion sizes, etc.

  2. I was thinking the same thing earlier: I must get out more, start running or at least try to tone up. For the past 7 years, I just ‘have up’ on my body as I knew I was going to have more babies, but now, I’m starting to feel a tad flabby and I’ve been putting on weight for the first time ever. It must be the evening snacking! I love my Fitbug orb, but it has been showing me I am actually not as fit as I thought!

  3. Evening snacking is my downfall too! I had such a great day yesterday of whole foods & plant-based diet (trying to get my body back after all the holiday ice cream!) and then last night I finished a third-full packet of crunchy nut. I felt so rubbish! I can’t decide whether it’s better to try and really fill up at dinner time and then cold-turkey on the evening snacks or try to find healthy alternatives. Hmmm. (And I’ve just seen the ‘most recent post’ thing that’ll automatically come up with this, which is more than a little ironic!)

    1. I tend to go towards the healthier snack options, but that has also failed me so far! Think I’ll have to go cold turkey!

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