birthday book pile

My Birthday Book Haul

It was my birthday over the weekend and you won’t be surprised to learn that I received a fair few books. Of course you’re not surprised! 

I was very lucky, I had some lovely new clothes, plants, mugs, chocolates, candles and more, and then books. 

Ah, the joy of the books! To open a package full of books is always guaranteed to make me smile. 

I always keep a books wish-list open over on Amazon so family ordered me a few treats off that and I also indulged and went to my favourite second hand bookshop and bought a few more books there. Because really, you can never have too many books, can you? 

birthday book pile

I thought it’d be fun to show everything to you so that I can ramble on about the books, the authors and my thoughts on them all to my hearts content over on my YouTube channel. I love to chat about books!

The video is here for you, so you can take a peek at everything and hear my thoughts on it all.

Hope you enjoyed it!

What do you think?  Have you read any of these books? Which one would you start with?

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4 thoughts on “My Birthday Book Haul”

  1. Happy belated birthday. I am reading “Carolina Moon” by Nora Roberts and “Two Little Girls in Blue” by Mary Higgins Clark. Then I will read “A Good Woman”by Danielle Steel.

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