My Blog is 6 Years Old This Week!

My blog is 6 years old this week! Where did that time go? It has absolutely flown by.

I started when Boo was 3 years old and Little Man just 10 months old. They have grown up here and I love that I have so much of their childhood captured here. Sometimes when I write I refer back to an older post and I then get lost in the memories and emotions from that time. In this last week I have stumbled across this one that I wrote about Harry as that anniversary is coming up, this one as Boo left Reception and this one about Little Man waking up in his cot – I don’t even remember that, but thanks to this blog I have preserved the moment.

Blogging has given me…

Along with the memories that I have managed to capture here, blogging has given me so much. It’s hard to recall the whole journey fully as this is so much a part of what I do now. But here are a few things that spring to mind.

One of the best things about blogging are the people. Through blogging I have made so many new friends, some that I talk to regularly on social media, some that I write to and some that I see regularly in real life. I love connecting with people in this way. I have some lovely chats on Instagram with people, I sometimes bump into readers when I am out and about, I get some great comments here, I have met bloggers at conferences and events, and my Bring Back Paper series and group brings lots of lovely chats and like-minded folks together.

Blogging has brought us so many wonderful experiences and opportunities. I literally cannot pick a favourite one as we have had so much fun. There have been endless days out, adventures and mini breaks, products to review from clothes to toys to appliances and more, and there’s been an abundance of books and stationery. We have tried things that we wouldn’t have discovered without this blog, memories have been made.

Blogging has given me an entire new working life. I didn’t imagine when I started this six years ago that this would end up being my job. I can’t quite recall at what point I realised that this could be work, work is rarely this much fun or offers this much variety. But work it is. I built it up around looking after two little ones at home to now being able to work from home and be there for every school run, every sports day, every parents evening, every class assembly. I am so very grateful.

What’s changed?

A lot of the things that I wrote about in those first months and years are similar to the things that I write about now. The blog has simply grown with our family and shared our journey over the last six years. It’s had a few different looks, and I developed the current design towards the end of last year. What has changed is my daily workload and how I balance everything.

The blog and work involved has changed so much since I first started. Back in my first year I would post daily, sometimes twice a day and then spend hours upon hours promoting posts, interacting with others, commenting on other blogs and joining in with linkies. It was fun and it was hard work! I had so much to learn, I self-taught myself everything that I needed to know and I could spend hours upon hours researching a new social platform or technical aspect of the blog design.

As I learned more (and I am still learning all the time!) I knew more and so I could spend less time researching and educating myself. I started to reduce how much I did gradually over the years, as the blog became better established and then I simply had to scale it back when I went back to university.

And now?

These days I tend to post two to three times a week, so I do write less here. I am often found on Instagram and sharing on Stories there and I Pin frequently. I also have a freelance copy-writing job for several hours a week that I manage alongside blogging. A role that I got through my blogging experience. Thanks again, blog!

If you’d asked me a few years ago about all of this, I wouldn’t have believed it. Yet here I am now and I couldn’t imagine being without it.

This is what I do and it means that I can work for myself from home, I can work hours to fit around my kids and I can choose what to write about here in my own space. I get to write each day and I get to be creative. I get to play with words and I get to help and inspire folks. I get to connect with some truly wonderful people and I get to work with some brilliant brands. And do I need to say it again? I get to be here for my children. That’s why I blog.

A big ‘Thank You’

So I want to say thanks so much for reading and supporting me on any part of my journey over the last six years. I am only here thanks to you. And I really do appreciate it.

Every time that you click and read a post, you are supporting me. Every time that you like, comment or share on social media, you are supporting me. Every time that you message me with a book you think I’d love or a dachshund mug that you’ve spotted, you make me smile. Every time that you say ‘Hi’ when you see me out and about, you make my day.

Thank you, thanks for reading and thanks for being here. Big kisses!

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13 thoughts on “My Blog is 6 Years Old This Week!”

    1. Thanks! It really does, and I can’t imagine being without it now. Thanks so much, that’s lovely to hear x

  1. Congratulations and happy anniversary!
    I actually do have a Dachshund photo I took with you in mind at the weekend and will send it on 🙂

    1. Ah, thank you, and thanks for reading. I think you need to be honest when you blog and be you. Then you need to just keep on writing!! x

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