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My Boy’s Off To Secondary School Soon

Friday was the day that we found out what school my son would be going to in September.

Siblings rules don’t come into play for us as my daughter’s at a girls’ school. 

It’d been a nervous wait. He’d been worrying about in the few days before we heard, it’s a big thing starting a new school. 

Fortunately, he’s been offered a place at his first choice school, one that he can easily walk to. 

He really liked it when we looked around it and I could picture him there. 

Most of his friends will be going to a different school, most of the year group at his primary school go in a different direction to another school. But his best mate will be going to this school with him, along with three others from his class so there’ll be a few familiar faces when he starts there. 

New friends, new buildings, new walk to school, new uniform, new timetables, new clubs, new expectations. It’s a whole new normal, and I’m sure by the end of September it will feel more normal to him, but right now, it’s a huge change on the horizon. 

school desk

I can still remember his settling in sessions at nursery (they did not go well), his first day in Reception at school (marginally better) and here we are talking about a secondary school start soon (which I’m sure will be fine).

My second child at secondary school. 

Part of me finds this one hard as he’s my baby. He’s also very different to his big sister, he’s my quieter, calmer, more introverted child.

Then the other part is looking forward to it for him, having already seen my daughter move on smoothly. 

As a parent, I’ve got used to some of the ways that secondary school works, though of course this school is new to me so I’ll see how things work there. 

I feel like Year 7 will be here before we know it. This school year feels like it’s flying by so far. We’ll soon be buying uniform and he’ll be having settling in sessions. 

Year 6 is SATS, SATS and more SATS at the moment, he’s ready to learn new things and be challenged. He’s ready for the opportunities that secondary school brings and I think he’ll shine there. 

And now that we know which school he will be going to, I popped over to the website to check out start dates. I know this may seem very keen, but he’s an early September baby so he thought he might be starting school on his birthday. But, joy of joys, they have it down as a teacher training day, so he can have fun at home and then begin his secondary school journey the day after his twelfth birthday. 

Little Man isn’t so little any more, he’s ready for this. 

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