My Doodles Watch Review & Give-Away

With Boo now at school and learning to tell the time, we were on the lookout for a watch for her, so it was great ‘timing’ when the team at My Doodles got in touch to show their range to us.

My Doodles Watches

Available in four different designs, the Owl, the Alien, the Penguin and the Bee, there’s a fun character to suit everyone, retailing at £15 each.

We opted for the bee design, and both Boo and I are really pleased with it. I had been looking around at children’s watches, and I was surprised by how many of them were digital or without all 12 numbers on the face. As she’s just learning to tell the time, it was really important to me to get her a watch like this.

My Doodles Bee watch

The My Doodles watch is very child-friendly. As you can see from the images there, the face detaches from the strap, and the little face does then pop out of it’s rubbery outer bee in order for you to change the time on it. It then pops back in snugly and slides easily onto the strap.

Putting the watch on is then Boo’s favourite part. They are snap-on watches, so you have it out straight and then position it over your wrist and snap it against it so that it curls round and fits on, adjusting to each wearer for a perfect fit. It means that there will be no creasing where the hole marks are, it doesn’t slip and slide about and is nice and secure, whilst not pinching her skin or leaving a mark. It is also very easy for her to put on and take off herself.

Boo really likes her new watch, as she has been proudly wearing it to school and has even taken it to the point that she is now taking it to bed with her! As it’s so comfortable for her to wear, she is now getting used to having a wrist watch and so we are encouraging her to tell us the time more and more. She enjoys being all grown up with a watch that she can pop on herself, and I am happy that she’s wearing a watch that is properly fitted to her wrist and is safe from bumps with the rubber outer bee. We both love that the design is so adorably sweet, too.

You can find My Doodles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I’m now pleased to say that I have got one My Doodles watch available for one of my readers to win, too. To be in with a chance of winning a My Doodles Owl Watch, enter using the rafflecopter below. The give-away is open to UK entrants only, and closes at 12am 29th June 2015. Good luck!

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What appeals to you about the My Doodles range of watches?

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202 thoughts on “My Doodles Watch Review & Give-Away”

  1. How cute are they? Why can’t I find watches like that for us grown-ups (or not so grown-ups!) Glad you’re encouraging Boo to tell the time from a traditional clock face rather than rely on digital or phone clocks. Very important life skill in my opinion.

    1. I love them! I was really surprised how many kids watches were digital, as I’d assumed most people would want their children to learn how to tell the time properly.

  2. Ahhh they are all so cute! I love the yellow bumble bee one though – such a happy. smiley face!

  3. Looks great. i think it’s important to teach kids timekeeping as a skill. The snap on strap is great as well!

  4. They are colourful, cute and good for teaching a child to tell the time on! My son would love this xx

  5. Catherine McAlinden

    My 5 year old has tiny wrists, so most other watches are huge on her! This would be perfect!

  6. I like that they are bright and colourful and will adapt to any wrist so that they fit comfortably!

  7. I like how they show the numbers as like you say a lot of the watches for sale don’t show the numbers

  8. Elizabeth Hinds

    I love how cute and colourful they are – I think my daughter would be much more likely to take an interest in learning to tell the time if she had a fun and attractive watch to look at 🙂

  9. I love these. Because of the way that the strap works, they will fit all sizes without a problem. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a watch to fit tiny wrists.

  10. Lorraine Tinsley

    I love that they are snap on watches as the ones with catches can be fiddly for little fingers

  11. I think I like the fact that although the faces have the fun characters built into them, the numbers and hands are still really clear and easy to read.

  12. I love the fact that the watches have a proper time face and are not digital – very important for learning to tell the time. I also love that they are animal based – especially loving the owl

  13. they are bright fun and engaging, the kids would love them. a good range to pick from too so all kids can get what they want

  14. Looks like a fun way to help little uns to learn to tell the time, as wel as being a cool cute pal on their wrist

  15. A snap on watch sounds perfect and great for small fingers, my son just cant do a traditional watch strap on his own.

  16. sharlene speakman

    the fact that they are snap wrist bands is a good idea my child is forever getting caught on things and i worry that if he had a watch and got it caught that it would damage him in some way but with these they would just come away from his wrist, the numbers are easy to read and i like the fact that they are rubber/silicon so they cant rub and the designs are lovely my son would pick the alien but i like the pink owl

  17. Currently trying to teach my 4 year old how to tell the time and I think the fact the watches are fun to look at will help!

  18. I’ve never seen a watch that’s as cute as these before
    And a good way for children to learn analog.. 🙂

  19. These watches appeal to me as they are a fun way to teach young ones about time.There are styles for boys and girls and they just make you smile,learning is so much easier when there’s fun to be had x

  20. Judith Luscombe

    I love the bright vibrant colours and the animal designs, great to encourage little kiddies to learn to tell the time.

  21. The face of the watch is quite big, which would be good with my sons poor eye sight when he doesn’t want to wear his glasses

  22. I love the bright colourful faces, it would really attract my daughter, she would also love that she could put the watch on herself with the snap wristband

  23. They are so bright and cute. They will really appeal to children and encourage them to learn to tell the time

  24. The way these fit looks great, my son has a watch but it is just too big as he has small wrists, this looks perfect

  25. I love how bright and fun they are. I’m currently teaching my daughter how to tell the time and she would love one of these.

  26. Emma Whittaker

    Love this watch as it is very child friendly and looks comfy to wear. Also like you we have also been looking for one that isnt digital inorder to to help with teaching the time and these are perfect 🙂

  27. Patricia Avery

    Bright and colourful to attract children, the ability for adults to teach telling the time as it has hands rather than numbers 🙂

  28. very child friendly cute design, would act as a great learning aid to help lee learn to tell the time.

  29. Very cute and hardwearing, and easy for kids to put on and take off by themselves – no fiddly buckles.

  30. Such lovely eye-catching watches and they look durable which is essential with the target group they are aimed and excellent value for money

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