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It’s a Wednesday, and so my thoughts turn to #BringBackPaper and all things papery that I am loving right now. OK, so my thoughts are often papery, not just on Wednesdays, but you know what I mean! Today I’m feeling the need to indulge in a little daydreaming, so I do hope you’ll come with me as I daydream about that perfect space that could one day be my dream home office, filled to the brim with paper…

I ponder the idea of a dark, wooden study. You know, the sort you’d see in old stately homes. There’d be a huge, sturdy desk, an old writing bureau, book-lined walls, and I’d want a big comfy chair to curl up on, too.

office spaces

But realistically (I’m not sure why I use that word as realistically it’ll be some time before I get any sort of office space!), I think I’m more likely to go for something light, bright, clear and airy. This is my current ‘home office’, a little nook under the stairs….

desk space

I always have to have the lamp on to work as it feels dark under there, though the fish do live beside my desk now, so I always have a bit of company as I work! We’ve a few home projects on the go at the moment, so along with those, I thought why not think about revamping my work space.

I like things to be neat and organised, and preferably nice and bright, too. I’ve accepted that for now at least, my home office is under the stairs, so I like things like this set up that I spotted on the Ikea website…

ikea home office

Of course I know that if I actually go to Ikea for these things, I’ll come home with a million other things, too. Can anyone go to Ikea and not buy anything?!

I do also have a Home Office Ideas Pinterest board (you already knew that, didn’t you?!), so have a little browse over there for plenty more ideas that I like. The dream would be a whole room, which would include one wall totally lined with bookshelves, and a book nook for snuggling up in. I may not get much work done then, though…!

These are a few of the bits and bobs I’ve spotted that I’d like to have in there, to give you a feel for it, an ideal shopping mood board, if you will…

The problem with writing this post is that I really do want to go and just re-do my little space and buy a ridiculous number of new things. Not a problem if I’d actually budgeted to do this, but I haven’t so it will just have to wait!

So what about you? What would your dream home office look like, or perhaps you’ve already achieved it? If you fancy sharing, please do blog it, too, and show me – I’d love to see it.

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6 thoughts on “My Dream Home Office”

  1. Life at the Little Wood

    Hee hee, i did a similar post yesterday! 🙂 There must be something about Spring that makes us all want to have tidy, airy work spaces! Love your choices Jocelyn! Xx

  2. That dream-office corner of yours looks heavenly! Mine would probably look something like that too, only I want a door I can close … To shut away the noise. In reality though, I only have the smallest desk you can think of in our living room. That’s about it!

  3. I would love a dedicated home office and hope to one day have a spare room to use. I love that you have your fish to keep you company whilst you work x

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