My Garden, My Extra Room

Now that the summer months are looming, I am excited to spend time in my extra ‘room’, my garden.

Since I’ve got into my gardening, I’ve started to view my garden this way. Before, it was somewhere to sit in the sun, for the kids to play out, for the dog to run around. Having spent time redesigning it and better understanding it all, I now view it as an extension of my home, another room to furnish and enjoy.

Last year we got most of the major work done. We flattened a shed, created a cut flower patch, had a tree removed, added a small wildlife garden, and I indulged in buying lots of plants. Roses, peonies, roses, clematis, roses, honeysuckles, roses, viburnum, roses, alliums. Oh yes, I like roses! So this year it’s more about the maintenance, the upkeep and just enjoying it all.

With that in mind, I’ve been looking over at House of Bath at some little touches, ornaments and adornments that would really add to it.

I like the idea of a few hanging baskets and these look so real, yet without the need to water them! And as we’re always looking to attract birds into the garden, this sweet little teapot nester caught my eye, too…

House of Bath Hanging Baskets

Robin Teapot Nester, Poppy Hanging Basket, Ready Made Hanging Basket

And then I like the idea of these additions, too. I think that surely Iย can’t ever have enough pots (my mum bought me two new plants just this week, where will I put them?!), I really want an archway and I think the kids would love the little fairy door set..

house of bath pots and ornaments

I remember spending so much time outside last summer, opening the kitchen doors wide, it almost brought the garden into the house. It was a smooth extension to our home, with the children running in and out, though mostly just staying out there. I can see myself adding to it, cultivating it and enjoying it for so many years to come now. Gardening is a hobby for life, I think, and I’m so glad that it’s found me at last.

Do you see your garden as another room, too? What do you love most about it?

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with House of Bath

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10 thoughts on “My Garden, My Extra Room”

  1. This our first year in our current house and when we moved in the garden was a complete overgrown mess. We’ve started tackling it but we’re finding gardening a lot harder than we had expected! I’d love to add a few more touches to it though to make it feel more like an extra room as you say! Next on our list though is garden furniture as we don’t have any yet!

    1. It takes some getting into, I found. I wasn’t interested for several years, and yet now, I love it! Oh yes, chairs are helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Jocelyn, there is nothing quite like a well tended English garden, it’s far too hot out here to keep delicate flowers looking nice and I am not in the least bit green fingered, although I do have a fondness of cactus (which love the heat and thrive on neglect).

    Our garden just has several citrus trees and grass, which my husband battles to keep looking nice. It is our balcony that becomes an extra room in the nice weather. We have cactus all over it, a little water feature in the corner and a table and chairs. It’s a lovely and cool place to sit late into the night and I love sitting out there first thing, drinking my coffee and listening to the birds.

  3. I agree, my garden is like an extra room. It’s nothing amazing as I’m a rubbish gardener but I love being outside sitting enjoying the sunshine and listening to the children play.

  4. I love that teapot too, in fact it’s probably on my garden Pinterest board!

    I’m actually multi-tasking and browsing on a nursery website while I visit blogs, want to sort some proper ground cover this Summer…I know I’ll be too late for anything to flower this year but I have to do the preparation when I feel like it!

    You can never have too many plant pots and that set is gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    1. Ah, good plan. I have quite a bit of London’s Pride and Woodruff, both are pretty and good ground cover. I love those pots, too ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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