My Kitchen Makeover

We extended our home and had an open plan kitchen diner put in several years ago. Whilst I still love the bright, light room and sense of space I get in there, the decor was looking tired, the paint needed re-doing and I was getting bored of having the same look. I loved the purply colour on the wall when we put it on, and the rest of the walls were a shade somewhere between light grey and cream, which was fine, but I was in the mood for a change. We’d also had a bathroom overflow leak which meant the ceiling needed repainting, and then all of the normal scuffs and marks you’d expect on the walls from several years, two kids and a dog! So time to get it painted….

This was our kitchen…

kitchen pre-makeover

It’s a nice big room, and we do spend a fair bit of time in there. Nothing wrong with it, but I wanted a brighter space, with some pretty accessories and less appliances cluttering up worktops.

We decided we wanted to give it a light clean feel, so went for an antique white all over the walls. I can’t get over how much lighter it makes the already sunny room feel. We’ve changed a few of our small appliances, and went for steel and black, rather than cream, and I managed to move things about so I could pop the steamer and slow cooker in a cupboard, freeing up more of the worktops.

kitchen makeover

It all opens out onto this dining area, where I’ve also got rid of a cupboard and moved things around a little. We’d like a new table at some point, but this one sees a fair amount of paint, glue and play doh, so probably best to leave it for now!

kitchen diner

I’ve added a few new touches to the window sill, which I love…

kitchen window

TK Maxx and Wilkos were great for picking up a few pretty things, and I already had the glassware. Now that we’re going into spring, I’m hoping my own garden will be able to supply me with fresh flowers for the sill, as I’ve a lot of bulbs and seeds planted out there for exactly that reason, and once my cut-flower patch blooms, I’ll be well-supplied until autumn, which is a lovely thought.

Here’s the whole thing…

whole kitchen

I’m happy in there now. I smile each time I walk in. Next up, Boo’s bedroom needs doing, so watch this space for how we get on there…

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32 thoughts on “My Kitchen Makeover”

  1. Your kitchen is lovely, I love the Antique White colour. I have been wanting a new kitchen table for a longtime and then when we moved last June, my husband relented and said we could get one. But then I suddenly got attached to this one.The girls had grown up doing all their crafts around that table, then homework, etc. that table has witnessed so much of our lives, I couldn’t part with it. Now suddenly it’s in our kitchen and treasured. I think there might be a post there somewhere! Anyway, your kitchen is beautiful x

  2. What a gorgeous kitchen. It looks amazing. I love the wood and all that natural lights. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  3. What a lovely space 🙂 Of course I’m going to say I loved the original purpley colour too but the new looks so clean and streamlined. Fab new knick-knacks too, Wilkinsons are great at that stuff that won’t break the bank aren’t they? 🙂

    1. Of course! Yes, they’ve loads of lovely things in there, both home and stationery, which I am partial to 🙂

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