My Little Man is Growing Up

Boo returned to preschool after the Easter holidays last week, so Little Man and I found ourselves without her for the first time in nearly 3 weeks. It sounds odd, but I think we needed it.

Over the holidays we had the letter confirming Boo’s reception class place for September. It’s saddened me. She’s ready, it’s a school that I love and she’ll thrive there, I know. But what about Little Man and I? I had my first real glimpse of what this might be like this week, as he’s developing and growing up so quickly now, that I really noticed the difference in him compared to just a few weeks ago, when we last had the day to ourselves.

He will concentrate more now, and play with things for a little while longer. He has started to enjoy imaginary play…

farm play

On this particular day, he was asking for ‘animals’ from practically the moment he woke up. So, when we returned from the school run, I grabbed his Happyland farm set and we settled down together in the living room to play. And he did play. He didn’t run off and try and grab food, he didn’t try climbing on the table, he didn’t repeatedly attempt to make a break for it out of the front door (yes, he can open it now – a true delight!), he didn’t throw everything and run off to another toy, no, he sat and played. For some time, too, and after his nap and lunch, he came back to it and we played again. It felt like a breakthrough, but in reality, he’s been changing in front of my eyes for weeks, but it takes moving out of the shadow and influence of his big sister for me to see him more clearly and appreciate what he’s capable of and allow him to call the shots on what we do and enjoy.

It was a lovely day. It gave me a glimpse of life from September onwards, though I know he’ll be so much more advanced by then, too. It reassured me that I might not sob every day of that month, missing my gorgeous girl, that perhaps it’s a time for Little Man to shine and have some one on one time and fun with me. I think I’m even starting to look forward to it…

Oh, and so you know that his plea for ‘animals’ did not go ignored, I took Boo and Little Man to the farm and park the next day, so all was well in his world….!

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52 thoughts on “My Little Man is Growing Up”

  1. EJ definitely plays more and for longer with trains now – but I’m not sure he’s as advanced as Little Man seems to be – then again I rarely spend time alone with him so come September life will really be quite different for us as he’ll have me to himself all day Fridays! Bit weird but nice! X #MagicMoments

    1. To be honest, I hadn’t noticed how much he’d come on with this sort of play until Boo wasn’t about, so yes, you might spot it more in September. Weird but nice, indeed!

  2. He sounds so lovely and I always think imaginative play is so much fun to watch isn’t it? The photo with his face peeking through the door is so cute 🙂

  3. It’s an emotional time. My eldest daughter has a place to start senior school in September which is going to be so strange after I’ve been home educating her for the past four years. I’ve really enjoyed it and so has she but it’s time to move on, however I really can’t bear my little girl growing up so quickly x 🙁 #MagicMoments

    1. Oh, that must be tough, too. It is hard to let go, but if they’re ready, I suppose we have to. We can cry together in September!

  4. I always notice a difference after a holiday or period spent together. Funnily enough I’ve been thinking about my littlest too-the way we spend time together has changed so much just over Easter. Enjoy your moments together 🙂

  5. I know what you feel. We’ve also received little T’s confirmation letter and have mixed feelings about it. We’re happy she’s going, especially since we know she’s ready. On the one hand, we feel it’s happening too fast! I guess this is a reminder for all of us to cherish the times with them. Btw, love that photo of your little man peering through the house. So adorable! 🙂 #WhatsTheStory.

    1. Yes, let’s just make the most of this summer and then love collecting them from school each day 🙂 And thank you x

  6. They grow up so quickly, don’t they? It is fab when they start expressing their preferences. I realised yesterday that my teeny Jumpy was not such a baby anymore when I dug out newborn clothes out of the loft… Feels weird to think your baby is growing up, but great, too as they interact so much more with you and their peers. x Mel

    1. It is great, and both are growing quickly and are more fun all the time – I just want to slow it down a bit!

  7. It is lovely when they free play by themselves. Makes me happy that he choose a farm set to play with! I love the photo of him peeping into his farm world. Best of luck for September. #MagicMoments

    1. It was you that triggered the day, actually, because he found his Coombe Mill cap (which he loves!) and associates it with animals! X

  8. awww honey its such a lovely age, they really do make such a leap with their growing and its such a lovely see 🙂

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    p.s i am loving those photos x

  9. Part of me is quite looking forward to LP starting nursery as it will give Little Man and I some time together which is something we haven’t really had before x

  10. I love that picture of him looking through the house! It is so incredible watching them grow and develop – Arthur seems to be really ramping up the pace at the moment, and whilst it’s wonderful part of me’s sad that we’re leaving his babyhood behind too. Your post has reminded me to make sure I’m relishing every moment we have alone together – even though it’s just me and him most days it’s easy to get caught up in everything else that’s going on! x

    1. I accept that I now have to call my son a toddler, not a baby, but he’s still my baby! Yes, make every moment count x

  11. Gosh it must be so weird thinking about Boo going to school. POD will be doing the same next year so we need to start looking into what we need to do when/where she can go. Love the photos of Little Man and his playhouse, imaginative play is just the best! Must have been odd just the two of you but I’m sure everything will slot into place when it needs to. Lovely post, thank you for sharing #whatsthestory

    1. It is odd, but I know she is ready. I’m going to focus in on the fun Little Man and I can have 🙂 Thanks for hosting x

  12. Life at the Little Wood

    Oh bless him! Such a cutie, and you’re so right Jocelyn – look on this new stage as time for you and him. I’m so sad that my one to one time with my little one is coming to a end now as school approaches. It seems like yesterday that she was a tiny newborn! Xx

    1. I keep asking my daughter whether she’s just 2 really, because I’m sure she’s not 4! Little Man and I will carve out our own adventures, though, I’m sure 🙂

  13. It is such a lovely age, so full of curiosity and excitement, although I will be happier when we move past the throwing, running away and grabbing food stage 🙂 Love the photos of him playing, such lovely moments captured x #WhatstheStory

  14. This is so lovely!!
    So nice to have some special time just the two of you! It’s amazing how all of a sudden our little babies change!!
    I bet they had fun at the farm I can’t wait to take Arthur to one when we visit the uk in the summer!! X

  15. Oh bless they really do grow up so very fast I can’t believe it myself with my two these days. I love all these photos they are so cute. Its so crazy to think they are starting next sept isn’t it? Same here and I keep trying not to think about it so that maybe its not true. Denial! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  16. Such a reassuring read. My little man is going to school in September and I hope my little girl will distract me from missing him with play like this. She’s getting there! Lovely post. #sharewithme

    1. I’m really starting to see that we will and am beginning to look forward to it a little. It is tough thinking about them going off to school, though, isn’t it? I’m pushing it from my mind!

    1. It freaks me out al the time, and yet I’ve been here with her every single day. Ridiculous! Thanks x

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