My New Tea Obsession!

I’ve recently discovered that I am cow’s milk intolerant, so I’m now trying to avoid all cow’s milk products (as well as egg whites, which is a whole other issue). I will share more about the food intolerance testing process and how I’m doing with this soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to talk about tea.

I’m actually not a huge hot drinks consumer anyway, so I couldn’t have been taking in that much cow’s milk through them. I do not like coffee at all, I have a fennel tea to start my day off and then I usually drink water all day, which is nice and easy and I cannot be intolerant to that! But sometimes, especially when I’m studying, I like to have a cup of tea.

As I’m trying to avoid adding milk to it (though I have found an alternative that I like, but it’s not cheap so why use up more than I need to?!) I have been getting into loose leaf tea. I have bought myself a new little teapot with an infuser, which makes me 2 cups and is more of a treat than yet another glass of water. It’s cute, isn’t it?

So far, I have tried rooibos tea, but I wasn’t too sure of that one. I’m not sure whether I made it too strong or whether it’s just an acquired taste? Maybe better with a little honey? Tell me, please, rooibos drinkers, as I know it’s supposed to be really good for you so I’d like to keep drinking it. And there’s also the fact that I’ve bought a big bag of it!

Last week I ordered the Ultimate Tea Sippers Collection from Crumpets and Coffee which is proving to be very nice. I think Raging Berry is my favourite, though it’s tricky to choose just one. They’re all fruity flavours, which I like, and they infuse well with my lovely little teapot.

I know people say green tea’s really good for you, but I think I’d need to have it with a mint or lemon or something similar. I do really like peppermint and spearmint teas, so I might go for minty green tea next.

Now that I am all set with my teapot (yes, I accept that it’s weird that I love it so much) and a few teas to keep me going, I’d love to hear your loose leaf tea recommendations, please. Are you much of a tea drinker?

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2 thoughts on “My New Tea Obsession!”

  1. I gave up drinking caffeine around 6 years ago and have never looked back! I love redbush (aka roobois) and yes, it’s an acquired taste. I have mine quite strong with no milk, no suger, no honey, no nothing. And I honestly think a normal tea would turn my tastebuds now. I love a good fennel too and always go a bit mad when the herbals are on offer anywhere. I do love your teapot and have been tempted myself in the past but also have a cute little infuser shaped like a house! Funnily enough, I’ve got a post about why I don’t have caffeine lined up very soon!

    1. Ah, I might just persevere with the rooibos then and I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Thanks, though your little infuser sounds so sweet!

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