My Next Home…

Ah, to dream.

We are happy in our home, but it’s always fun to daydream, right? I mean, if I could have anything, I’d want something like this….

Baddesley Clinton

But seeing as that’s a National Trust property (Baddesley Clinton), I’m thinking it might be a bit out of my grasp! So to be more realistic…

If I could live anywhere, to be honest, I’d still choose the town we are in. Our family and friends are here and my girl is happily settled in her school. It’s a nice enough place, with plenty to do on the doorstep. But what about the house itself?

OK, that’s where I do have something of a wish list!

I’m actually going to start outside, so it’d need to have off street parking for at least 2 cars, and preferably no lawn to tend out front. Then popping round to the back garden and I want this to be special. Walled, preferably, a big lawn for the kids to play out on, with lots of spaces for beds and borders. A blank canvas is fine, I’d be happy to create my own ideal garden, I just need it to be of a certain size.

The house itself then? I tend to prefer older period properties, but that said, there’s a house gone up for sale near us recently that’s a new build and looks beautiful. It’s also £1 million, so probably a tad out of our price range! I like light, bright rooms, so I’m always one to look at windows, and I do like nice internal doors, too. As we have now, it would need to have a large open plan diner kitchen, and I do like having a playroom separate from our lounge. We currently have three decent sized bedrooms, so if we were moving up, I’d look for a fourth as a spare guest room. I’d also like another bathroom in the house, a room for a home office and a utility would be useful. Hmm, not much then!

We’re not ones for living in mess and chaos. The Husband and I like clear surfaces, tidiness and no clutter, and that’s without adding the disruption into the mix, so we’d want it to be only cosmetic work that we would need to do, to make things to our taste.

It’s one of those things where we’re happy where we live, it suits us, so we’re not looking. But if the perfect home came up ticking the above boxes, we’d be sorely tempted!

What would your next home be like?


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4 thoughts on “My Next Home…”

  1. blank

    Aah my dream home is firmly fixed in my imagination!! Totally out of our price range but a girl can dream, right?! 😉 I would like a big, fat symmetrical Georgian pile. Red brick – with a long gravel driveway – in lovely gardens. With an enormous front door!

    Not sure the mortgage calculator would work on this wish list… I think a lottery win would be in order!! X

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