My Top 5 Advent Moments

It’s Christmas Eve. One more sleep to go. How I’ve loved the build-up to this Christmas. For me, the build-up is as good, if not better, than the day itself, though I’m sure we’ll all have a lovely day tomorrow. The magical anticipation is wonderful, and establishing family traditions with the children, that I hope we’ll enjoy for years to come, has been great. Pausing to reflect back on the month, with the chaos of tomorrow yet to come, these have been my 5 favourite Advent moments…

  1. Boo and SantaThe wonder on my children’s faces when they came downstairs on the morning of December 1st and discovered we’d put the Christmas tree and all of the decorations up the evening before. Every day since, Boo rushes in to see the lights on the tree in the morning, and Little Man gasps at the sight of it every single day (and then tries to grab various baubles…).
  2. Boo’s smile when she got to meet and speak to Santa. We visited him after our Stick Man Trail, and she was so pleased to talk to him and tell him what she wanted, and what Little Man would like, lest he dare to forget her little brother. Little Man wasn’t a fan…!
  3. The excitement and glee my children express on every single dusk/night-time journey we’ve undertaken as they spot all of the Christmas lights and trees. It’s as though we’re going on a magical adventure every car ride, and it can get pretty noisy with all of the excited shouts.
  4. The giggling of my entire family while watching The Muppet Christmas Carol. It’s our day, Muppet Christmas Carol day. A family tradition going back nearly two decades now, and to have my children now there, joining in, is just lovely.
  5. The surprised joy elicited from my children when Marty the elf delivered some early treats to wake up to on Christmas Eve morning. Two new traditions in one. Marty, the elf, has been very popular, so will definitely be returning next year, and I’ve decided to start presenting the children with a Christmas Eve stocking, made up with some festive snacks, new PJs, a Christmas DVD and a little gift. Their faces were just adorable, and if they’re this excited by a stocking, I’m certain they’ll like their presents.

And we’ve still the big day to enjoy! Here’s to a lovely Christmas Day for us all x

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