A Nature Walk with a Toddler

This week has actually been dry, so I was determined to get Little Man and I out meandering around the park one morning. I am not keen on the wet, but I do love to get outside on frosty days, as everything looks so beautiful.

Little Man would be pretty happy just running about in the fresh air, but it gives an extra purpose to our outings if we make them into adventures. And so we decided to go on a nature walk, which Little Man called an ‘adventure walk’! We popped to our local park, donned wellies, and were off…

a nature walk with a toddler - tips for success

nature walking

nature walk2

nature walk5

nature walk with binoculars

I love the extra dimension that a nature walk brings to our stroll. It gave us direction for our chatter, made me determined to get him out there on a chilly day when snuggling in the warmth may have been preferable, and he was very eager telling Nanny, Boo and Daddy as he saw them all one by one later that day about his adventure.

To make it a worthwhile nature walk, with a toddler, these are my tips for success:

– Dress for it. Wellies, warmth and waterproofs are perfect.

– Give them their own bag. They can carry their tools in it and add any finds to it, too. Any bag will do here, even just a carrier bag, as it’s about them having their own!

– Magnifying glasses and/or binoculars are always going to be a huge hit. We got our magnifying glass from the pound shop, and it was money well spent! If you’ve not got anything like this and are just wanting to head out now, I’d suggest an empty kitchen/toilet roll tube as it’ll feel just as much fun!

– As I suspect most parents do anyway, have wipes with you! You may want to leave the change bag in the car, but grab a few wipes, as you can guarantee they’ll get covered in mud at some point. It’s all part of the fun, so instead of stopping it, just be prepared to clean it!

– Have no fixed plan. This is my biggest tip! If you have a trail idea in mind, sheets to tick off, a certain route to follow, the chances are it will go awry! Let the toddler feel in control, and by all means guide and suggest and tick those sheets, but to really all enjoy it, go with the flow on this one.

And did my Little Man enjoy his nature walk? What do you think?

nature walk happy

Are nature walks a hit with your little ones?

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24 thoughts on “A Nature Walk with a Toddler”

  1. Oh we love a nature trail! We try and do something like this every week as we have a local ecology centre. Great tips! You definitely need to dress the part, especially at this time of year! And just go with the flow, no plans needed.

  2. You’re very brave! I love the magnifying glass idea. I’m not brave enough to take my twins out on my own walking yet but can’t wait to do things like this when they are big enough!!

  3. He is such a sweetheart, bless him. I can imagine the two of you in the park having such a lovely time together-and you’re right, the best thing is to let them lead and us parents follow for a change xx

  4. What great tips, when we do nature walks here on the farm we give the kids the idea of what the walk should cover but in general let them lead the way. It’s great that Little Man enjoys his nature walks and doesn’t stop talking about them with you all. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  5. That’s a beautiful smile from Little Man – would definitely say he seemed to enjoy his nature walk and I love the photo of him looking through his magnifying glass too. Great tips about being prepared for nature walks, especially with regards to being prepared to accept mud and clean it up afterwards!

  6. This sounds like so much fun – his face says it all really! We had our first real attempt at a sort of nature walk yesterday when we headed to the woods to gather sticks for Christmas crafting. Arthur’s definitely starting to get a bit more interested in all the little things around him so I think we’ll be doing plenty more! If the rain holds off that is – I’m like you in that the cold is fine but I’m not so good with the wet… x

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