Natwest’s Mobile Banking App – Review

I’ve been a Natwest customer for years – I set up my first bank account with them, and I’m pretty old now, so I’m thinking it’s at least 20 years! I like to think I know a bit about banking and finance, having worked in the sector for a good old while, and I always do everything and anything that I can to take life easier – think on-line shopping, apps on my phone, internet banking. So when I was contacted to see if I’d like to take part in Natwest’s #MumsMagicTricks campaign, it seemed right up my street.

I received a pack from Natwest, containing a few handy items and ideas for making life simpler. My favourite suggestions were using a cupcake holder tucked underneath an ice lolly, which catches those drips perfectly! And then I also like the idea of cutting a sticker in half and popping it into shoes so that kids know the left and the right…


Again, so simple, and yet so effective!

And for their best trick? Well, there’s a Natwest app, that I now have on my iPhone. Oh, and it is a clever little thing!

Natwest app

I downloaded it from iTunes, which took seconds, and then set it up, which was no more than a few minutes and an activation code that came straight to my phone. With it all installed, each time I use it, I simply enter my pass code in when I click on it….

natwest app 1

Balance Checks:

And then my accounts and balances immediately come up, along with being able to view my statements, make payment transfers and get cash out using my phone. So handy! I was away last week, and this was such a easy way to keep on top of my balances and banking.

Money Transfers:

My brother also has this app, and he needed to send me some money last week, so he located my number in his contacts and clicked to send the cash to me – that’s it! No need to get up off the sofa and hunt about for numbers. I then received a text telling me that he’d sent it and that I had 7 days to claim my money. I claimed it by clicking through a link and popping in conformation of the amount I was to receive and my card number, and hey presto, I had the cash in my bank! So easy. I tried it my end, too, by sending the Husband some money (I only sent £1 to test it, I don’t want to be overly generous!), and it was so straightforward. Pop the mobile number in, the amount you’re transferring and it’s done.

Cash Withdrawals:

I’ve yet to need to withdraw cash with it, but can see it as being really handy, especially when I start doing school runs, and perhaps nip out with just my keys and phone and then think of something that I need to get from the shops (I say this, as this has happened once or twice on the preschool run, so it’s bound to happen again!), and I can now get to my money. I can also imagine it being something that parents with older children might use as they could phone you and ask for cash and you can give them the code to go use at a machine (you may or may not want to share this feature with them!).

I’m pleased to have been invited to take part in this campaign, as this app had kind of passed me by, but now I have it! The balance checks and money transfer options have already been used several times in the couple of weeks that I’ve had it, and I know it’ll get plenty more use and save me lots more time.

Disclosure: This project is in conjunction with BritMums for their #MumsMagicTricks challenge with NatWest

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  1. So pleased you had a positive experience of the app and also that you had a good time on holiday. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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